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Which Painting Color Is Best For Beginners Artist? 2023 Guide

If you’re a beginner artist and want to know which color is best for painting, this blog post will give you some information.

There’s information on how colors work, how different colors can be mixed to make new colors, and the difference between a hue and shade of a color. We also offer tips on choosing the right paint set and tools for beginners.

After reading this blog post, beginner artists should know when they’ll need to mix two or more colors to create a certain hue or shade of their desired color. Furthermore, readers should know what studio supplies are essential for any beginner painter’s kit.

Acrylic paint:

All artists prefer oil paint to acrylic paint, but most beginners choose acrylic. The reason is that many of them don’t have an expensive painting set, and they are more comfortable with acrylic.

Acrylic is easy to clean, so it’s easy for them to leave the studio and go home after painting class. After finishing the project, you only need a little soap and water to clean up the mess. You don’t need turpentine or mineral spirits like regular oil paints.

Watercolor paint:

Watercolor paints are very different from oil paint. Oil paint is more smooth and soft compared to rough and dry watercolor. Though it’s a bit inconvenient for beginners to use watercolors, there’s a lot of oil painting you can do with them.

Oil Paint VS Acrylic Paint:

Since most artists prefer oil painting, you may wonder why they choose acrylic over oil paintings. It’s common among novice artists to do fewer details with their paintings in the beginning so they don’t get frustrated too easily or have difficulty controlling the brush strokes.

This is the main reason that most beginners use acrylic paint. You can move on to oil painting as you practice more and become more confident with your skills.

Color Psychology:

There are plenty of colors to choose from, but some colors stand out more than others. Artists have a lot of different opinions when it comes to mixing colors to create the right color.

Most artists mix colors using their preferences when creating hues and shades of their desired color. An impossible task for beginner artists is selecting the best colors for their artwork.


As long as you have a good paint set, a pack of paper, and some studio supplies, you’ll be able to create your first masterpiece. If you’re still confused between colors, whether oil or acrylic, keep reading this blog post. We offer a guide on how colors work and the color wheel.

Some of our artist friends suggest the recommended colors in this article, so they give you some good tips on how best to mix colors. Lastly, we also offer some advice for beginners regarding choosing the right colors for their painting sets and what tools to use.

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