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What To Draw On Halloween? Here 70+ Drawing Ideas For Halloween 2022

What To Draw On Halloween Here 70+ Drawing Ideas For Halloween 2022

Establishing the festive vibe and readying all the needed preparations when Halloween is just around the corner will make the day more special.

But Halloween isn’t only about apparel and candies. You can make some easy Halloween drawings together with your family. 

Not only will you assist them to discover something new but also get their hands occupied with Halloween-themed art that they’d definitely enjoy.

Some unique and creative halloween themes

Witches, bats, and spiders, oh my goodness! We love Halloween for many purposes but most of all due to the holiday introducing so many different opportunities to get artsy and crafty!

Whether you intend to create a few drawings to go along with your favorite Halloween children’s books, have some craft-making picks available at a Halloween celebration, or if you just like to rejoice some noon craft time with your kids, we are sharing 70+ amazingly simple Halloween drawing ideas today that you will love!

Here, we’ve drafted a list of 70+ most inspiring Halloween drawing ideas that you can start drawing with your loved ones during the Halloween festival season.

Simple halloween craft ideas every artist will Love!

If you are at a necessity and are looking for last moment simple Halloween drawing ideas, look no further!

Have a look at these bunch of creativity below!

Witch’s Broom

The incredible witch costume has always been a Halloween favorite among children and adults alike. 

But rather than drawing a full witch, we’ll concentrate on its accessory: the witch’s broom. It’s pretty easy, and you only need a couple of pretty colors to make this pencil sketch come to life.

1. Ghost

What are those creatures that no one sees but still horrify the hell out of everyone? You assumed it right, it’s ghosts! 

Drawing a spooky ghost is super simple, even for beginners.

2. Big eyes ghost drawing

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Spiders are small, but they’re super creepy. Making a sketchbook spider drawing begins by drawing the circles that impersonate the spider’s body and adding the legs in the last.\

3. Colored Spider

Halloween spider drawing ideas for kids (4)

4. Cute Spider

Halloween spider drawing ideas for kids (1)

5. Three Black Spiders

Halloween spider drawing ideas for kids (2)

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Pumpkins have always been symbolized as an international character for Halloween, so you can’t just exclude them from your sketchbook art projects.

But of course, you’re not going to draw an ordinary pumpkin like the one you can find in your provincial grocery store. 

Instead, you’d like to draw a classic Jack O’Lantern with spooky eyes that deliver it its famous Halloween appearance.

6. Pumkin with eyes and black bat

7. Pumpkin with cute ghost

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8. Cat

As it is said that black cats bring misfortune, but that hasn’t prevented people from involving them in their Halloween decorations and costumes. 

The whole purpose of Halloween is to establish a creepy vibe, anyway.

Picturing a black cat takes just a few minutes. It’d be an incredible idea if your kids like cats!

9. Catroon cat

10. Cat with pumpking

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11. Haunted House

You’ve possibly noticed many of these haunted houses in horror movies, but have you ever speculated about making one with your family? 

It’d be a good addition to your drawing projects when blended with spooky characters like ghosts and mummies.

12. Halloween ghost hut

13. Simple ghost hut with 2 floors

14. Skull

Horror movie characters always keep a collection of skulls in their closet. Of course, these usually related to the innocent who didn’t do anything wrong; not fair, right?

Draw a skull for a guaranteed scary atmosphere for Halloween. It’s a spooky skull, for god’s sake!

15. Simpl skull with big black eyes

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16. Bat

Here you can get ideas of some cute bat drawing for your halloween drawing

17. Cartoon face bat

18. Flying bat drawing

19. Cartoon Baby Bat

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Let’s meet more creative Halloween themes —

20. Ghost

A ghost with its typical wardrobe along with a sharp weapon behind.

21. Pumpkins 

Three pumpkins placed above each other with stars on it.

22. Pumpkin with candle on skull 

For a more Halloween vibe, add melting candle on the skull and a spooky pumpkin besides.

23. Pumpkin along with spider web and bats.

24. A bat is a perfect Halloween theme.

25. Dark color represents horror and so fill in your ghost sketch with the same.

26. Try to make your ghost as spooky as you can, as shown above.

27. Black and orange Colored spider!

28. Or you can add pumpkin and candies all together.

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29. You can draw this simple owl face


30. Halloween cake with skull, pumpkin and eyes

31. Eye drawing

32. Halloween gnome is good ideas for halloween drawing.

33. Poison bottle

34. Halloween drawing

35. Milk bottle is good and easy ideas for drawing

36. Flying gnome drawing

37. Ghost house

38. Colored balloons with face

39. 2nd Ballons ideas

40. Halloween candy drawing

41. Broom drawing

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42. Halloween cate face

43. Halloween doll with pumpkin face and broom

44. Halloween vampire

45. 3 drawing with one page ballons, ghost and cat

46. Two pumpkin and skull drawing

47. Halloween tree with pumpkin is also good ideas

48. Pumpkin with spider web

49. Complet spider web with spider

50. Orange spider and spider web drawing

51. Two little spider with spider web

52. Ghost with flowers

53. Ghost riding on cycle drawing ideas on halloween 2022

54. Cute ghost with candy drawing

55. 3 cartoon ghost

56. Colored skull drawing

57. Halloween Cap

Halloween cap drawing ideas for kids by viral painting (2)

58. Hat with eye

Halloween cap drawing ideas for kids (3)

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59. Riding a ghost drawing ideas

Ghost riding broom drawing ideas for kids BY VIRAL PAINTRING (1)

60. Black ghost ride on broom

Ghost riding broom drawing ideas for kids  (3)

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61. Black Halloween Tree

Halloween tree drawing ideas FOR professionals (2)

62. Tree with pumpkin


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63. Halloween Candles Drawing

64. Pumpin with candle

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65. Halloween Cauldron Drawing

66. Boo cauldron drawing


67. Cauldron with ghost

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68. Halloween boo drawing is a good ideas for kids

69. Cute boo with eye drawing

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70. Halloween Dolls

71. Ghost doll drawing

Halloween Drawing Ideas Round-Up

So, these were all of the amazing Halloween drawing ideas that’ll make you and your children energetic and creative throughout the Halloween season. 

From spiders to witches and skulls, you can literally draw an entire sketchbook just for Halloween.

For more easy and amazing Halloween drawings, check out our other Halloween drawing ideas catalog on our website — viral painting for more such drawing tips and tricks, don’t forget to tell us which Halloween drawing ideas you loved the most in the comment box below!

Follow us for more such creativity!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here


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