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What Is An Oil Painting?

Oil painting is a type of slow-drying paint medium that contains pigments suspended in drying oil. It results in colored, a tough film on exposure to air.


In oil painting, abiding of tones and color is achieved which makes the painting unique, satisfactory linear treatment, and crisp effects. The results of the oil painting also shown transparent, opaque, and translucent painting all lie under its range.


The painting name is known as “Arnolfini wedding portrait” is made by famous Netherlandish artist Jan Van Eyck is credit with discovering the practice with oil painting techniques.


Begin the oil painting with some tools or supplies which is useful to create a beautiful oil painting.


Here Is The Basic Set Of Oil Painting Essentials:-

1. A complete range of small to large paintbrushes designed for oil painting especially. Decent synthetic brushes and hog hair are great for oil painting.

2. An easel.

3. A palette.

4. A basic palette of paints.

5. A surface to paint on.

6. Odorless solvent.

7. Linseed oil.

8. Paper towel(for cleaning up brushes).

9. Kick-off with small paintings.


Small paintings give you an idea about the techniques and doing lots of experiments without investing a lot of money into it. You can purchase a small canvas or try oil painting on paper. Make sure to gesso the paper first.


Get Arranged

Create a space where you can keep your palettes and supplies handy and your paintings visible. In this way, you will see your work even when you are not actually painting.


Buy Right Brushes

Get high-quality paints along with high-quality brushes. You can buy three brushes of different styles just for the beginning. Brush with natural hair is a good one for oil painting.


Prime Your Painting Areas

You can paint on different surfaces like canvas, paper, wood but it needs to apply a premier called gesso to prevent the oil from seeping into the surface, protects the surface from acids in paint, gives a surface on which the paint gets to stick.


Use A Limited Painting Color

Try not to start painting by applying all the colors at a time. Go with the monochrome painting, which is a painting of only one hue plus its shades like black added and tints (white added). You can choose a color up to your choice of warm or cool.


Understand Paint Order

Pick thick over thin, fat over lean, and slow-drying over fast-drying. It means thinner paint and less oil are in the first layer, saving thicker paint and higher oil for the later layers.


Keep Your Brushes Clean

It is important to clean your brush between colors and soap and water when finished up a painting. Always keep the paints and medium away from the pets and children as the paint is unsafe for them. Dispose of paper towels, mediums, rage, and disposable paper properly.

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