What is Matte Painting?


Matte painting is one of the oldest techniques used in the visual effects industry and one of the most significantly applied techniques as well. The idea of matte painting is very simple “ use one or more paintings in order to replace the background”. However, the idea of matte painting sounds simple but the technique … Read more

What is Plein Air Painting?

What is Plein Air Painting?

Plein Air Painting is actually a painting similar to outside. Thousands of artists who are outdoor painters love to do Plein air painting. Artists have begun their practice by taking their supplies into urban areas and cities to reflect the true or magnificence of nature on a canvas includes streams, forests, mountains, deserts, as well … Read more

What Is An Oil Painting and How To Start?

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Oil painting is a type of slow-drying paint medium that contains pigments suspended in drying oil. It results in colored, a tough film on exposure to air. In oil painting, abiding of tones and color is achieved which makes the painting unique, satisfactory linear treatment, and crisp effects. The results of the oil painting also … Read more

What is Genre Painting?


Genre paintings are the paintings of scenes from everyday life, of ordinary people in recreation or work, and outline painting in a realistic way. Genre Art Variance Include:- Landscape painting:- These paintings include content that illustrates scenic views. Portraiture paintings:- These include the examples of a group, self-portraits, and individuals. Still life paintings:- Paintings depict … Read more

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting ideas 2021

The creativity and shining feature represented by the word “Diamond Painting”. Basically, it is a mosaic art form that is used by the painter to create a painting with the combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers.   Diamond painting is kind of a therapeutic and enjoyable craft for wannabe artists where age does … Read more