500+ Simple and Easy To Make Cute Painting Ideas | Cute Painting Images For Every Beginners Artist (2022 Updated)

500+ Simple and Easy To Make Cute Painting Ideas

Are you ready to kick-start your art side with Easy and cute painting ideas? Beginners often struggle to find the appropriate art for them to start their first step. In the journey of creativity, drawing and painting you do not need to be perfect at once. The more you experiment with cute easy painting ideas, … Read more

25+ Neon Painting Ideas | Easy To Make Neon Painting Ideas

25+ neon painting ideas 2022

Neon paintings are so attention-grabbing that even if you write a single word with neon paint it becomes eye-catchy from the miles! Since you picked us for giving you the best neon canvas painting ideas, it is completely our duty to help you with the trending neon painting ideas canvas easily. Our neon canvas painting … Read more

100+ Mountain Painting Ideas For Beginners Artist | Easy Mountain Painting

100+ Mountain Painting Ideas 2022

Are you a Mountain Person? Let us give you the best mountain painting ideas to inspire you in making the mountain painting. Through Acrylic Paintings are easier to draw than watercolor and other medium paintings – many artists and painters experienced it. Our mountain painting ideas apply to any type of paint. Grab your Canvas, … Read more

100+ Sunflowers Painting Ideas For New Artist | 2022 Updated Painting Ideas

100+ Sunflowers Painting Ideas

One of the easiest things that I ever painted was – A Sunflower painting! Toddlers and kids love to draw the petals and sometimes a smiley face inside it. However, to draw a sunflower-like professional takes a lot of patience and practice – as it includes layering different colors and making gradients. Sunflower painting depicts … Read more

30+ Painting Ideas For Boyfriend | Cute Painting Ideas For Boyfriend

30+ Painting Ideas For Boyfriend

You can buy an expensive Rolex for your boyfriend but there is nothing as priceless as a handmade painting that shows your efforts and a pure bond! Canvas painting ideas for boyfriend are a rustic and old-school way of expressing your care and deep affection not only on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but as … Read more

60+ Skateboard Painting Ideas | Cool Skateboard Painting Ideas

60+ Skateboard Painting Ideas

Skateboards are a fantastic way for adding swag to the personality and with the cool skateboard painting ideas; you can immensely elevate the fun of a skateboard ride. The trend of decorating skateboards with bold designs, figures, and logos is in existence since the very first age of skateboard culture, it gave opportunities to artists … Read more

50+Black and White Painting Ideas | Easy to Make Painting Ideas 2022 Updated

50+Black and White Painting Ideas

Did your mind ever hit the black and white painting idea when thinking of making the distinctive art? Yes, colors are amazing, and the painting itself becomes more communicable when we add some colors to it. However black and white paintings are something that looks ideally royal and expensive even without too much effort! When … Read more

60+ Spongebob Painting Ideas | 2022 Easy to Make Spongebob Painting Ideas


Children and Teens are crazy about the magical world of the bikini bottom and therefore they are always excited about searching for the best SpongeBob Painting Ideas to impress their friends and teachers. The thing I adore most about SpongeBob is its vibrant yellow color, although artists love every shade, Yellow is something beyond satisfaction! … Read more

365+ Sunset Painting Images | 2022 Top Sunset Painting For Every Artist

365+ SunSet Painting Ideas 2022

Who doesn’t love sunsets? Children start their painting and drawing journey mostly by moving their pencils and brushes to draw the SUN! I remember how I used to sketch even the eyes and smiles of the sun while adding it to the scenery of a HUT. I have seen my students searching for sunset paintings … Read more

50+ Rock Painting Ideas Disney | Easy Disney Rock Painting Ideas

rock painting ideas disney

Who said paintings are only about canvas, sheets, and drawing papers when you can color the natural things around you! By the end of the article, you will know the best Disney rock painting ideas that can be easily painted on beautiful rocks, stones, and pebbles. Disney Rock Painting Ideas| Play with Colourful Rocks Creativity … Read more

60+ Flower Pot Painting Ideas | Cute Flower Pot Painting Ideas


Who doesn’t love looking at the flowers? They are indeed an integrated part of every decoration – be it a wedding, birthday, festival, or any occasion. Cute flower pot painting ideas can also be the perfect pick for summer house decoration or another fun art project for kids. Flower plantations look more soothing and heart-warming … Read more

365+ Watercolor Painting Ideas | Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas For Beginners

365 + watercolor Painting Ideas (1)

I find Watercolor painting Ideas completely fun to work with – they give me the entire freedom of playing with the colors, combinations, and layers. However, this might also seem the most difficult method of painting to some, which is indeed true. Painting with watercolors can practically show you that sometimes imperfections can be perfect … Read more

365+ Pour Painting Ideas and Technique | Pour Painting Ideas

365 + Pour Painting Ideas

Are you looking forward to modernizing your room walls with some abstract art? Let us take you deep into some incredible list of 21+ satisfying pour painting ideas to fill the voids between demonstrating home and the existing interior décor. The reader will eventually feel confident about their artistic skills by the given techniques of … Read more

How To Seal MDF Before Painting?


MDF is a medium-density Fiberboard that swells with moisture and water. MDF board gets swells after applying the acrylics(water-based) paints, especially thinner formulations used to paint detailed tiny things, creating a fuzzy surface that is very difficult to correct. You need to seal MDF so that you can paint over it without any difficulty. Here … Read more

How To Seal The Diamond Painting?

How To Seal The Diamond Painting

The creativity and shining feature represented by the word “Diamond Painting”. Basically, it is a mosaic art form that is used by the painter to create a painting with the combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers. Diamond painting is kind of a therapeutic and enjoyable craft for wannabe artists where age does not … Read more

What Is a An Easel?

What Is a An Easel?

If you do not know what is an easel, then this article is for you, we have told you everything about it, as well as its types. An easel is a kind of wooden instrument used by artists to grip the canvas in the right position while doing the painting or to display a work … Read more

20+ Super Easy Painting Ideas | Step by Step Painting


Painting is always fun of playing with colors that come in wide options. Acrylic painting is one of the easiest ways to begin painting as a beginner. As it is simple to learn and relatively cheap as well. To bring the acrylic paint into play you need to get interested in experimenting with lush color … Read more

How to Wash Oil Paint Brushes?

How to Wash Oil Paint Brushes

While working with oil paints become a complex situation, when you want to wash your oil paintbrushes. Wash your oil paint brushes requires proper items and instructions to get good results. Items you are required:- Paper towel/newspaper Paint thinner(Recommended- Gamblin Odorless Solvent) Soap(Recommended – Chelsea Classical Studio Professional Artists Hand Soap) Some old cups or … Read more

How to Store Acrylic Paint?

How to Store Acrylic Paint

Every manufacturer of acrylic paint gives several shelf life estimates for their products. When you come up with a decision on where to store your paints there are few things for you to take into account. You will want to choose a place that has a relatively constant average temperature and somewhere where there is … Read more

How to Make Brown Paint?

How to Make Brown Paint

Brown is a versatile color that gives many possible applications, but you may not always be able to find it in your art supplies. It can possible by mixing up a variety of primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. The process to Make Brown Paint 1. Squeeze a small amount of each color … Read more

How to Name a Painting?


When someone is on the verge of buying your art they always look over it for a duration. Moreover, they look at the small white tag on the wall next to the art to catch the sight of the title. They also find out ‘what your art illustrates’ and ‘how your art relates to your … Read more

How to Make Gold Paint?

How to Make Gold Paint

The gold color symbolizes wealth, glamour, and magic which makes it a famous color for paintings as well as crafts. It the most difficult color to mix and obtain as the gold color has both warm and cool undertones. But with the mixing guidance, you will get the perfect gold color according to your project’s … Read more

How to Remove Spray Paint?

how to remove spray paint

While the use of spray paint, their particles can be spread out in various areas. It can be a hard situation to Remove Spray Paint from the spoiled areas. But in this, you will find easy and simple ways to get rid of spray paint without any hassle. Remove Spray Paint From Skin:- Spray paint … Read more