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Are you familiar with the SpongeBob cartoon? Let’s get acquainted with our SpongeBob character who Wants to Make Bombs. 

In its article, you will learn how to draw Spongebob drawings and how you can draw them with easy steps.

Are you ready for our SpongeBob drawing?

We have given 12 easy steps in this so that you will be able to draw SpongeBob very easily.

Step  – 1 let’s start the drawing with the eyes of the sponge

To make Spongebob we first started with its eyes which can be made in a very easy way

both eyes are in touch with each other 

Draw two big circles for the eyes and draw three half circles under them. If You can also use the compass to make eyes.

Step – 2  Next create the mouth of SpongeBob 

To make a cartoon Spongebob, we have to make two more circles inside the eyes with the help of a compass.

draw a small line on the circle under the eyes.

We will be making the moon structure to make the smiles of SpongeBob. And Use a rectangular shape to make teeth.

Step – 3  Now draw the face 

Draw a square shape for SpongeBob’s face which should be in a zigzag shape.

It will make our Spongebob look real.

Step – 4. After drawing the face, we will draw SpongeBob’s eyebrows.

Just above the eyes, make three thin rectangular boxes to depict eyebrows. Add dots to the cheek area to enhance its facial expressions.

Step  – 5   Now we draw a circle on the face

Now let’s come to SpongeBob’s eyelashes which are very easy to make.

draw three lines on SpongeBob’s eyes.

Dot the visible circles that look like SpongeBob’s cheeks.

Step – 6  To complete the face, we will draw the chin now.

Now we are giving the ending point to the face, giving a W shape to make a chin, now complete the face of SpongeBob

Finally, this completed our SpongeBob face.

Step – 7  Now make our sponge dress

Now we will make a box in the niche of the face, which is SpongeBob’s dress.

Step  – 8  Next, we will draw hands.

At the end point of the face, we will make a Spongebob sleeve and design the hands.

Draw a straight parallel line for the hands or then draw the fingers.

Step  – 9 After completing the upper portion, we will draw legs.

Draw two smaller rectangular boxes below the rectangular box and then draw two parallel lines.

Draw the shoe by spreading the pencil down the line.

Now it’s time for Colours.

Step  – 10  Let’s paint the sponge’s pants.

Use chocolate color in sponge bob pants and black in belt, eyelashes, shoes 

Fill the black color in the smallest circle of the eye and the blue color in the bigger circle.

Step – 11 At this moment, we will paint the face.

We’ll use yellow color for the face and White color will be used for socks and shirts

The red color will be used for the sponge bob’s tie.

Step  – 12 Just now let’s paint on the circles of the face

The oval circle will be colored green.

Now our Spongebob is ready and We have made it a real look by using lots of colors.

Final words —

We tried our best to teach you how to make SpongeBob step by step and if you understand then explore our website for more such interesting step-by-step guides.

We would love to see your drawing too.

Many such comic character drawings are available on our website, visit and check our website for an incredible experience.

 Happy sketching!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here

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