Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Sunset Drawing

There are numerous magnificent things to behold in the natural world, and if you know where to look, you can see some of the most beautiful of these views every day.

The breathtaking view of a sunset is one of the most awe-inspiring views you can experience daily. Due to the stunning colors and ambiance of this time of day, sunsets have been the subject of several works of art over the years.

If you want to create this stunning scene, continue reading! This step-by-step lesson on drawing a sunset will make it simple for you to reproduce this natural beauty.

Steps To Draw A Sunset

Step 1:

Take four colors to start the drawing, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 2:

Now, take a blank white sheet to start your drawing of the sunset.

Step 3:

Fill red pencil color on the top of the sheet to make it look realistic.

Step 4:

Fill in the orange color below the red one, as shown in the reference image.

Step 5:

Fill in the yellow color below the orange color to make it look beautiful.

Step 6:

Now draw the round sun shape to make it look real and give it a nice background.

Step 7:

Now, take a black pencil color and fill in below the sheet as displayed in the reference picture.

Step 8:

Now draw a tree with black pencil color to make it look realistic.

Step 9:

Add tree leaves with the same black color to give them a nice look.

Step 10:

Now draw some flying birds across the sun. Don’t forget to check reference images.


You’ve concluded this guide on how to draw a sunset, and you’ve done an excellent job with this difficult subject! Looking at the picture before drawing it, you may have believed sketching such a beautiful sunset would be too difficult. Still, perhaps, with the help of this guide, you discovered that it was easier than you had anticipated!

We designed this guide to be entertaining and simple, and we hope you had a blast working with it! Now that your drawing is complete, you have numerous possibilities for personalizing it.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, whether you experiment with different versions of drawings with and without outlines or with lovely colors and art supplies.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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