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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Space Suit?

How To Draw A Space Suit

Are you a space lover? Do you love astronauts?


Today, you can learn the most straightforward steps to draw a space suit. From now on, you need not worry about the difficulty of making a human wear a space suit. 

9 Steps on How to Draw a Space Suit for Beginners

Let’s move forward with the quick steps and photos to draw a perfect space suit: 


To draw a space suit, make 3 circles, two small and one bigger at the center. 

how to draw space suit (2)


Repeat lines to draw the helmet and the face structure of the astronomer. 

how to draw space suit (3)


Fit a pretty face inside a space helmet, and smoothly draw the facial features and hair of the character. 

how to draw space suit (4)


Now, make the arms and hand a cover of head suit to her. 

how to draw space suit (1)


Add a belt to the suit and start making legs. 

step by step space drawing (2)


Complete the suit lower by making two lines at the base. 

step by step space drawing (3)


Additionally, to add more focus, add a backpack and decoration to the head cover to add more emphasis. 

step by step space drawing (4)


Color the character the way you like. 

step by step space drawing (5)


Glow up the aura and make shining objects in the background of the space suit drawing. 

        step by step space drawing (1)

The Bottom Line 

All 9 steps are very easy to work with. Impress your fellows by learning how to draw a space suit. 

This guide leads the beginner to rocket-start his work in art. We always try to make art and painting more fun by giving simple & easy tricks.  

Do follow us for exciting art and surprising content.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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