Step by Step Boobib Beautiful Girl Drawing For Kids – Viral Painting

Boobib’s beautiful girl is very cute and interesting visually.She is cute in look and loveling to the children.

She is loved by every body of all ages and people even use to purchase from shops.

in this blog We have described the pictures with their images below which will make it easier for you to drawing.

Step By Step On Tutorial How To Draw Boobib Beautiful Girl

Step 1- Draw face

Draw a circle and at the end corner make it little sharp

Step 2- Draw ear

Draw two sharp triangle-like structures to draw ears of the  .

Step 3- Draw mouth eye, nose, lips

Draw two downwards U like structures opposite to each other to draw the eye.

Then draw lips , start drawing a semicircle and join the two ends.

Draw a very small oval to make the nose of the boobibl.

Draw bow and then start drawing another face below to it

Step 4- Draw the face of a beautiful girl.

Draw the cap of the girl  along with draw two eyes of the boy by making two circle opposite to each other

Step 5- Draw the hair of the bobbin girl.

Draw the hair by drawing the curve  from back wards and the shirt by drawing another line in opposition direction and on middle draw the U shape bow

Step 6- Draw hand and skirt of the bobbin girl.

Draw the hand straight towards left direction upwards holding the bobbin with rope

Step 7 – Draw Line to attach 

Step 8- Color it

Color the bobbin with red color and girl shirt with yellow color and the inner top with color and hair with gray color.

Step 8- Write Drift.

With  the capital letter of the cap of the girl.



The bobbin beautiful girl looks very pretty and gorgeous and cute face attractive and solo interesting that every child like to have it and We can easily draw it by drawing with creative the face of bobbin and the beautiful girl.

The very easy steps are mentioned above and also each step clearly.

We all  can draw very easily and effectively in very short of time.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here

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