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65+ Simple Raspberries Drawing Ideas For Kids To Expert Artist in 2023

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Raspberries Drawing Ideas by viral painting in 2023

It’s important to keep a balance in our lives. This is especially true when teaching children. As a parent, I often encourage my kids to try new things to help them expand their knowledge and grow as human beings.

Drawing is a great way for little ones to learn and see themselves as artists. This article is dedicated to the youngest artists in our lives. Let’s encourage creativity in children.

Raspberries are a favorite fruit of mine. I love them in their new form! As soon as they grow back in late summer, I pick some every chance I get.

Raspberries also make some delicious jams and jellies. This fruit pairs great with yogurt and ice cream.

That being said, raspberries are also very beautiful in their flower form. Let’s draw some raspberries together!

Easy raspberries drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon raspberries: Paint cartoon raspberries using circles and lots of bright colors. Draw the outlines of the raspberry and fill in with some much brighter colors.

You can also use rainbow-colored pencils for this drawing. Add eyes, noses, mouths, and other facial features to your raspberries using fine-tip or medium-tip colored pencils.

Note: The idea is to paint a super simple cartoon figure. Adding too much detail will cause this drawing to be extremely messy. You can also add a little texture and color to the background of your raspberries.

Fairy raspberries: These raspberries are very cute! They are very simple to draw and look great on your paper! These cute drawings would be perfect for pictures of children, self-portraits, and more!

The only thing you will need is some fine-line colored pencils. Make sure to use light-colored pencils to paint the lower layer of the fruit. This will create a nice contrast between the inside and outside of your drawing.

Simpleraspberries drawing ideas for Adults:

Raspberries with leaves: Draw a raspberry plant with some leaves. The background for this is all you need. Use any medium-colored pencils to paint it in.

Move onto the raspberries, add some facial features, and draw your raspberries’ stems with fine-line colored pencils.

Colorful Raspberries: This is a creative and unique way to draw raspberries. To get this last look, you will need to use black colored pencils for the outlines of your raspberries. Then you will use colored pencils to make your fruit pop!

Adding some dark lines to define the raspberry plant behind the fruit is also important.

You can do this by lightly drawing a curvy line across on your paper, then lightly drawing another line next to it.

Finally, draw another curved line after that one that connects with the last one you drew.


Easy to make raspberries drawing ideas 

Colored raspberries drawing ideas for adults artist

Black pencil raspberries drawing ideas 

Raspberries drawing ideas for experts:

Painted raspberry fruit with petals: This drawing is done in a classical style. To create this, you will need to use a fine colored pencil for the lines of your raspberry.

Then, use some medium pencils for the outlines of your raspberries and bits of parchment paper to draw the petals on top and bottom.

You can also add some texture to the background by using a light-colored pencil or soft white chalk to shade the wrinkles on your drawing.

Mixed berries and leaves: Use some medium-colored pencils to draw the leaves of your raspberry plants. Then, you will use the same colored pencils to color the leaves of your raspberries.

Add some details using a fine-tip black colored pencil on top of your drawings. You can add additional color to the background by using a light-colored pencil or soft white chalk.

Cute raspberries drawing ideas for expert artist

For expert artist pencil raspberries drawing ideas

Cute drawing ideas raspberries

Pencila drawing ideas raspberries


The drawings that we have covered in this article are a lot different from each other. It showed you how artists could use different techniques and ideas to find their favorites.

Most of these simple and easy drawing ideas involve either drawing with medium colored pencils or drawing with light colored pencils. Different artists chose what type of pencil to use for their drawings depending on their preference.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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