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Skull drawings are some of the simplest drawings to create. They are most often done using a black pen, charcoal pencil, or any dark color marker or pen. This is because it helps with the shading and drawing process.

This blog post contains everything you need to know about how to do a skull drawing and more! It will show 30+ simple and easy skull drawing ideas for all aged artists – kids, adults, and experts.

The skull drawings are usually done on any paper or surface that can be easily written when drawing. The most common paper used is white or white-colored paper. Also, the ideas presented here can be used with any other basic drawing type too!

This post contains step-by-step instructions to help you create simple and easy skull drawings of your own! It will also show you how to use fine-colored pencils for better results.

Easy skull drawing ideas for kids

Colorful skull: This drawing might be a little simplified, but it is a great way for kids to learn how to draw skulls. The best part about this colorful drawing is that it can be created in any color of their choice! It also makes quite a creative coloring page for kids!

Cartoon Skull: This skull drawing is great for kids, especially those who love watching cartoons! The cartoon skull drawing is simple and can be done with any pencil or pen.

Black and white skull drawing ideas for kids in 2023

For kids skull drawing ideas in 2023

Simple skull drawing ideas for adults

Green-colored skull: This has to be one of the simplest skull drawings you will find! It’s also a particularly simple coloring page that kids can do with their favorite crayons.

Ghost Skull: This is another great drawing to create for Halloween or any time of the year. This cute drawing can be done using watercolors, pencils, and pens. Ghost Skulls are quite popular, so why not give them a try?

Skull and crossbones: This is one of the best drawings for adults who love sailing – or for pirates! Skulls and crossbones are drawn very simply and can be done with any colored pencil. You can also try using watercolors to create cool results. These drawings make great tattoos too.

Skull drawing ideas for experts

Scary skull: This skull drawing takes a little more effort, but well worth the time and effort put in. This design makes for a perfect tattoo or even a great Halloween print.

Cracked skull: This is another great drawing to do with watercolors. It looks very creative and almost artistic.

Dramatic skull: The dramatic effect of this skull drawing is achieved by the way the artist highlighted certain areas of the design. It has a great effect, making it look like the skull is staring at you. This drawing can be colored with any colored pencil, but better results can be obtained with dark colors.

Full-detailed skull: This is one of the more detailed skull drawing designs and is better for adults. It has a great concept and can be colored with any dark-colored pencils or pens.



Skull drawings are very easy drawing to do for anyone. It can be as simple or as detailed as you want. These are great designs for any person who can draw and even for children who love to color. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and family on Facebook.

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