40+ Simple and Easy Rabbit Drawing Ideas For 2023 

Rabbits are considered one of the first domesticated animals in the world and can be seen in almost every habitable part of the planet. Rabbits come in an assortment of sizes, but on average, most breeds weigh about 4-6 pounds and have a body length that ranges from 12-20 inches.

Although rabbits have been bred into various shapes and sizes, their anatomy continues to resemble their wild ancestors. This article allows you to learn how to draw these beautiful creatures.

If you love arts and want to learn a simple way by which you can start drawing on your own, then the below guide will be very helpful in getting the basics right.

Every drawing lesson included in this article is categorized into different difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate, and expert. Use our step-by-step guide and start drawing easily without having any professional art education completed.

Easy rabbit drawing ideas for kids

Cute rabbit: Start with a basic circle and add the following parts: ears, ears and nose, face, and two eyes. Fill in the features of the rabbit as detailed and simple as possible. Draw a big circle at the end of your pencil.

With a smaller amount of chalk, outline your circle thinner than your pencil line. Then with a dauber or fine-line marker, draw small lines on each side of the outline’s center to form ears.

Cartoon rabbit: Draw a curved line for the head and two big circles to form the eyes. Draw a thin line for the mouth and give it an upward slant if you want your cartoon animal to have a grin.

Sketch out two ears that are as big as your eyes plus one more circle in between that should be smaller than the eyes but still bigger than the mouth.

Now draw each of the legs using two circles and connect them with short curved lines so they will look like they are attached to an oval body.

Simple rabbit drawing ideas for adults

Rabbit with cute ears: Begin by drawing a medium circle and then connect it with a shorter line to form the body. Create the rabbit’s face with one circle for the head, another one bigger than the first circle to form the eyes, and an oval shape for the mouth.

Now draw two ears almost as long as its body and add two circles between them to form its feet.

Rabbit with open mouth: Begin with a medium-sized circle and connect it with a short vertical line to form the face and body of your rabbit.

Draw two small circles for the eyes, an oval shape for the mouth, a vertical curved line for the nose, and two bigger circles to draw its ears.

Now give it an open mouth by drawing inwards curving lines on both sides of the ears until they connect to its open mouth.


Rabbit drawing ideas for experts

Colorful rabbit: Begin by drawing a medium-sized circle and then draw a line from the center to form the rabbit’s head. Add two curved lines for the eyes, a small rectangle for the mouth, and another shorter one for the nose.

Add two ears stretched out or small rectangles for their ear positions where they peek out of their head. Draw in the small circles to make the rabbit’s feet and give them round edges.

Rabbit with Pattern on the body: Draw a medium-sized circle at the center of your paper and then connect it with a vertical line to form your rabbit’s body.

Next, draw two larger circles on either side of the small one as eyes and add straight lines to make the rabbit’s ears.

Fill in the rest of its body as detailed as possible. Draw in two legs that are long and thin with thin curved lines for the joints that connect them to their body.

Cute Cartoon Rabbit drawing ideas 2023


You have learned everything from the simple to the complex. The topics just mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to drawing rabbits, so start practicing them if you want to get in the know of advanced bunny drawing exercises.

Those who want more knowledge can use our website to browse tons of other rabbit pawing designs and patterns that can enhance their art skills.

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