Newest 111+ Mushroom Drawing Ideas For Beginners Artist

Mushroom drawing is a fun, relaxing, and interesting pastime. There are many ways to draw various mushrooms and fungi.

As an art tactic, mother nature has lent her hands to create mushroom drawings that can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, depending on how you want them to look.

If you’re new to drawing mushrooms and fungi, follow these simple steps:

To start your mushroom drawing experience, sketch some basic shapes using the bottom of your paper sheet. Once you finish your first round, hold it up to a wall and look to see if it’s good enough by its appearance.

Use a light pencil color to draw out some more mushrooms that appear similar to the ones you just sketched.

There must be no head, just the top part of the mushroom that makes it nearly flat on paper so that the shading will be easier. Draw out a few more mushrooms in your desired size.

Easy mushroom drawing ideas for kids

Cartoon Mushroom: Most of the time, drawing a mushroom is always tricky. To make your mushroom drawing appear cute and friendly, you must add facial features like eyes and a mouth.

Sketch out a few round shapes (chubby) on your paper sheet with a light brown color.

Draw its stem using another brown color on the rounded part of each shape. Shading is unnecessary for this simple mushroom drawing idea because it will look like plain circles.

Outline your mushroom sketch with a dark stroke of the pen and add facial features to make it look cute and comical. Color in the upper part with red except for the circles.


For an emoticon mushroom or a comic character, add hands or legs along with facial features to the stalk of the mushroom as shown above in the image.

You are free to customize your mushroom drawing as illustrated in the above image. The upper part of the mushroom called a cap can be drawn like an actual cap. Add patterns to the cap and a cute body-like stalk.

Colorful mushroom: Use different shades of brown to add more color to your mushroom drawing.

If you want to use more colors in your mushroom, do it according to the stem. Draw small circles and then shade in between each circle, making them all blend using different shades of the same color. For example, if you use light brown as your base color, shade in between each layer using different colors.

When sketching something like a mushroom, it’s simple to make it seem a bit too flat or a bit too bulbous, so by referring to the above image you can get it looking just right.

The stalk of our mushroom starts thin at the top and gets thicker as it gets lower down, but you are free to make it thinner or thicker if you wish. Add black Polk-like dots to the cap of the mushroom.

The mushroom given in the above image is also quite tall, but you could make it shorter if you want as well.

You can also add baby mushrooms coming out of the parent mushroom as shown above.

For a funky look, draw the mushroom’s cap in a more wavy manner as illustrated above. Add curvy lines to the cap or some patterns.

A single mushroom might not fill up your drawing sheet, so better to add a small mushroom along with the big one for eye-catching art.

Fully black mushroom drawings

You can also skip the pattern and draw a simple bare mushroom just like the above.

The base of the mushroom can be wide or thin as you want. Add dots to the base called a ‘stalk’ for its rough texture and make the cap more bulbous by giving it a more circular shape.

It’s always better to draw in a bunch. You can draw and add as many mushrooms together as you like.

What about a cartoonish mushroom? It looks more fun to draw like the above one. Draw the stalk of the mushroom in an elongated oval shape and a half circle over and above the stalk to create its cap. Don’t forget to add hands and facial features.

For a simple mushroom sketch, especially for kids, go for one color only whichever you like, and add polka dots-like patterns to enhance your art.

Easy mushroom drawing ideas for adults

Two mushrooms together: For this simple and easy drawing idea, you only need to draw one mushroom. If you want to create two-shaped mushrooms, draw a small oval on top of the other. Hold these sides and move them around on your paper sheet.

If you want to draw little flat mushrooms with a more bulbous shape, refer to the above image.

You can also add a snail over the top of the mushroom and a dense grassy base.

Colored mushrooms with patterns: For colored mushrooms to look more interesting, sketch out the base of your mushroom based on a circle shape in different shades of the same color, like colored pencils. Once you finish, add different patterns on top of your circle based on the size of your mushroom.

The first thing that you’ll possibly notice about a mushroom is the top of it, which is a cap. Beautify your drawing by adding bright colors like blue and green dots patterns. Shade the inner part and stalk gray for a better gaze.

You can also draw curved lines over the top of the stalk (inside the cap) of your mushroom. Angle these curve lines in such a way that it does in the above reference picture to add more details to it.

Mushrooms can be of any color, so add any color you adore and make your art more beautiful.

For a more flat mushroom, make a flatter curve over the top of the stalk. Also, a flowering plant beside it will give a better result.

A rough circle would also be sufficient enough to make a cap for the mushroom.

Add crease lines to the cap of the mushroom to make it look more textured and draw lines beneath the cap to create its inner portion.

Add as many crease lines as you want to make your mushroom art sketchy and comic as shown above.

You can also draw the cap of the mushroom in an irregular shape just like the above one. Add wavy lines inside the shape and color it brown. Keep the stalk simple and bare.

Here is an orange bulbous mushroom with a simple tree-like stem.

A tree like shape will give a unique touch to your mushroom art as depicted above.

Adding bright colors like yellow will be a great way to beautify your mushroom art in no time. Here as you can see, the cap portion is made in a closed downward U shape along with some lines inside it. Add leaves to the base to enhance the beauty.

For a more detailed art, you can add many aspects to your drawing such as a snail or grassy base or a tree house below a big mushroom’s upper part called a cap as shown above.

A wide mushroom is easy to draw. You just need to draw curvy lines and a round oval shape over the top of the stalk.

If you want to draw for a comic or a cartoonish character, draw a funky body in spite of a stalk and add facial expressions to it.

Mushroom Drawing Ideas For Experts

Multiple mushrooms: If you are drawing a lot of mushrooms, this is the best way to draw them all. Using different shades of brown, shade and blend your mushrooms from top to bottom. Each one will have a different size and look like an interesting and complex drawing.

A perfect round shape will also do the Justice for the cap portion of the mushroom. Just add a curvy base below the cap to complete it.

A curvy and slightly pointed shape can also be drawn for the upper part of the mushroom as illustrated above.


Complex and detailed mushrooms: Here’s another way to draw a mushroom. Instead of shading your mushroom’s simple, almost plain shape, add more details like dark, lighter, and lighter shades of the same color to make it less plain looking.

Also, add patterns to the mushroom features, like a completely different pattern on each mushroom or another pattern with repeating lines.

If you don’t want to keep the stalk portion simple and bare, add some details to it as illustrated in the above image.

Here is a perfect image you can refer to if you want to draw a shady mushroom art.

Here is a detailed one as it contains fine lines and shadow. All you need is to draw a oval shape to depict the cap and a closed perpendicular base to depict the stalk. Add fine lines and shade it to give a shadow look.

For a sketchy look, try tracing the lines and creases as shown in the above figure.

For Professional Artist Mushroom Drawing Ideas 2023

You are free to experiment with your art as we did in the above image. Add little bumpy shapes and blue color to the top of the mushroom and some grass at the bottom.

Refer to the above image for a completely colorful mushroom along with a grassy base.

Add as many lines as you could below the cap to make its inner portion and some crease lines over the stalk to give it a texture.

Add small circular dots over the cap and angular lines at the end of the stalk.

If you want to draw an ocean mushroom, go for this one. These are drawn flat but bulbous due to the lines and curves made inside the cap and at the top of the stalk.

Here is a flat mushroom with an elongated stalk. For a flatter surface, draw a broad oval shape and add little bumps to create its texture.

A triangular shape will also work best for the mushroom’s upper part. Add crease lines and circular dots inside the cap.

Add green long leaves to your art as shown in the above image and straight lines above the mushroom cap to enhance its spark.

For a unique shape, avoid bulbous caps and draw a broadly elongated cup and a base shape like stalk.

Rather than making straight mushrooms, try wavy or moving mushrooms by drawing wavy lines to replicate moving mushrooms due to a gale or a strong wind.

Instead of short or little mushrooms, try making mushrooms with elongated and textured stalks as drawn in the above image.

You can add patterns to the stalk portion also and a pointy cap as shown in the above reference image.


An easier way to draw a mushroom is to think about it as a flower with just one open petal, and that’s the cap. Shade in each petal and add patterns on each part.

The stem will be found at the base of the cap and can be shaped into an interesting line that curves or vertically line up with the cap. You can also shade in sections of your mushroom to give it more dimension and shading.

A colorful mushroom is also another easy drawing idea for beginners. Just take a simple shape of your mushroom and add simple shapes of color like circles or ovals. Don’t worry if the colors don’t match exactly because it will look more natural if it does not.

Lastly, complex and detailed mushrooms are also offered to you. They require a lot of time and effort because the line between the base of the cap, stem, leaves, and dots should all be perfectly placed in place. Use a light color for the main parts of your mushroom, but also use a darker color for more definition purposes.

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