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50+ Simple and Easy Mango Drawing Ideas For Kids To Adult

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mango drawing ideas by viral painting

Ever wanted to create a stunning mango drawing? The good thing is that you might not have to find the right mango drawings online.

Mango is an easy fruit to draw and is a favorite in the world of fruit drawings. You can find mango drawing ideas for beginners and more advanced artists.

Here are 50+ simple-drawn mango by kids, adults, and even professional artists.

Easy mango drawing ideas for kids:

  • A simple mango drawing should be enough to start with. It will help you get the right idea of what a mango looks like. You only need to remember that mango is round, fleshy, and has a long stem at the bottom.

Teens in high school or even grade school may be able to create their mango drawings. For this one, you will have to draw an oval for the main body of the mango.

Kids can easily make a mango fruit tree. All you need to do is to draw a trunk and a few other branches. Then put the mangoes at the top and leaves on the branches.

Mango Drawing For Kids 2023

Another idea for beginners is to try creating a mango fruit basket. All you need to do is draw other smaller fruits around it just as if they were placed inside a basket.

Some fruits where you can put are grapes, peach54es, and cherries, among others. This can be drawn by kids who are in grade school or kindergarten.

Easy to make mango drawing ideas

colored mango drawing ideas 2023

Simple mango drawing ideas for adults:

  • Another simple mango drawing that adults can do is create a simple sketch of sliced mango. When drawing, it will help if you think it is cut from your side instead of using your vertical viewpoint.
  • If you want to create a simple mango portrait, you should draw its entire shape. The facial details will come later on.

Another mango drawing that adults can create is by using the reference of an actual mango. You might have seen that mango has ridges and folds inside its skin. When you are drawing this out, it might help if you also think it is just peeled off from its skin.

Easy To Make Mango Drawing for adults artist

Colored mango drawing  for adults

Easy to make mango drawing ideas for adults

Cute face mango drawing ideas for adults

Drawing mango ideas for professional artists:

  • Professionals may have the luxury of choosing the kind of mango drawings that they want. They can choose to draw either a realistic or artistic style for their drawing of mangoes.

You can also create your mango drawings by using your imagination since there are no limitations to what you can create.

Realistic mango drawing may be done by keeping perspective in mind. It will help you create a mango that is three-dimensional and looks lifelike.

Mango drawing ideas for expert artist

mango drawing ideas for expert artist

for expert artist mango drawing ideas



If you have always wanted to draw mangoes, then you can try drawing some simple mango drawings. You might be able to create some beautiful mango drawings with the right guidance as well. Happy drawing!

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