45+ Simple and Easy Light Bulb Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists

Light bulb drawing ideas are something that is going to be very important to everyone and especially those who are new to art. As someone who has been involved with art their entire life, I can tell you there is nothing more rewarding than turning the simplest of everyday objects into a work of art.

This post will teach you how fun it can be to draw light bulb drawings and how this simple but beautiful artwork is one that anyone can achieve, no matter their age.

I have learned a lot of lessons over my many years of art, and I am here to pass that knowledge on to you as well. The best part is that you can pick up light bulb drawing ideas for yourself and your loved ones and will be ready to start creating some artwork in your next free moment.

I have noticed that people do not think about how much fun it can be to turn those things around us into art. One of the most important things when figuring out how to draw a light bulb is to think about what you would do first.

If you can turn your light bulb drawing into a fun game, it will be much easier to get the creative juices flowing and focus more on your work. In that case, I found this cool and funny idea for drawing light bulbs.

Simple light bulb drawing ideas for kids

Light bulb with light all around: This is a basic style of drawing light bulbs, but you can put in more details as you learn to draw. Everything I talk about here is a simple way to get you proficient at drawing bulbs.

All you need is a circle and then a smaller circle inside that one connected by lines. The idea here is that the circle in the middle represents the filament inside your typical light bulb. The smaller circle represents the glass covering of your light bulb.

Light bulb with rays: There are many ways to draw light bulbs, but one of the easiest and simplest is to draw a circle and then fill it in the middle with a ray of light. You can go as far as you want with this one; it is all up to your imagination.


Easy light bulb drawing ideas for adults

Big light bulb: You could take the light bulb and put in a lot of detail, but I would recommend simply drawing this in as a very large circle. Again, it is all up to you but keeps it simple by just drawing your light bulb. When you are drawing this, make sure you have enough space to add details such as the power source behind it and even some wires if you want to be more advanced.

Light bulb with holder: This is a great idea and super simple to draw. You have to think about a light bulb base and then start drawing that. Add in the connection points where the socket connects to it; this will also give it a professional look.


Light bulb drawing ideas for experts artist

Light bulb with shadow: If you want to make your artwork more realistic, try it with a shadow. All you have to do is draw the bulb itself but shade the bottom of it this time. The result will be an awesome work of art that can be added to your collection of creations and then shared with everyone who comes to see them.

Detailed light bulb: If you want something a little more intricate, try drawing a smaller bulb in the center of your big one. This will give the light bulb a much deeper look, and it can be great to add some fun flare to your work.

One of the best things about this idea is that it is very simple to put together. You draw some snow on top of your light bulbs, preferably white with a little yellow, for the light to shine through.


I hope that this post has inspired you to want to create your light bulb art. It can be fun for all and is something that anyone can do. This is how you will learn how to draw a light bulb, and these drawing tutorials should help you get started in creating lots of beautiful artwork.

I have also collected some amazing tutorials on drawing light bulbs, electrical wires, gadgets, etc., and I would like to share them with you through this collection of simple and easy pencil drawings.

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