60+ Leaf Drawing Ideas In 2023: Simple and Easy Leaf Drawing

Leaves are the most unnoticed part of nature that many take for granted. 

Leaves come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors imaginable, and this versatility has made them a popular theme among nature artists.

If you would like to join them in creating artwork about the gentle leaf, then read on!

This array of 60+ leaf drawings for every aged artist was created to have you drawing beautiful leaves in no time!

Simple leaf drawing ideas

Leaves look so easy to draw but sound complex when it comes to deep detailing and texture coating.

When you’re confronted with a simple yet complex detailed art, like a drawing of a leaf, the best way to make it less intimidating is to follow some tips and tricks to make it more effortless. 

To provide you with such tips and tricks and some fascinating ideas, we created this compilation of 60+ drawings bifurcated into three parts for kids, adults, and professionals respectively!

Let us get you acquainted with these ideas given below!

Easy leaf drawings for kids

The leaf is one of the prominent things used as a playing tool by kids. As leaves are very easily accessible, kids are familiar enough with their looks, shapes, and patterns.

Drawing a familiar thing is an interesting task for kids but to start it off, they certainly need some kind of idea. So why not provide you with the best? 

Following are some drawing ideas for kids to have them complete their artwork smoothly!

For a drawing like this one, use two thick lines curved out and then back in to meet at a point for creating the contour of the leaf, and add some lines as shown within the leaf.

This one is an upside-down heart-shaped leaf with a tired face look!

For coloring, take reference from the above image!

Here is an emoticon drawing! The leaves are drawn with a pointy curved triangle. You can add any other facial expressions of your choice.

Leaf drawing ideas for adults

This division has been organized for adults who are looking for creative and fresh ideas for their leaf artwork!

Under this division, you will find an upgraded version of leaf drawings with minor details and design and a little encapsulated texture of the leaf.

Scroll down for ideas!

Here is a compound patterned leaf with a zig-zag outlining. 

The above image replicates a lobed leaf along with insect holes over it.

This is a hand-shaped leaf with a distinct design within.

These are oval-shaped leaves united by a common leaf base.

3 Leaf Simple to make drawing ideas for adults artist

Leaf drawing ideas for professionals

In this section, you will find some great details, patterns, and modern-styled art included in these drawings for helping experts in their artwork and upgrading their artistic skills. 

We will explore all of them as we move through the drawings below to make sure you don’t miss out on any ideas!

Give your ordinary leaf an interesting effect by adding lines to replicate the texture as demonstrated in the above image!

Here if you notice, along with the leaves stem has also got some patterns on it. 

Ever seen a round leaf? Here is one! With a hard outline and some fine lines like patterns, you can draw like one as shown above.

Here is an overlapping leaf with fine lines and widely outlined. You can personalize your drawing as shown in the above image!

Leat Sketch drawing ideas for expert artist

For Professional artist leaf drawing ideas

cute and beautiful drawing ideas for expert artist

Final thought —

The details and colors have been amplified to your leaf drawing, and that means you have been triumphant in your mission to draw a leaf!

If you enjoyed this collection, then we have good news for you because we will be bringing out many more drawing ideas for you!

Remember to check our site often, as we will be frequently uploading more awesome ideas for you to enjoy.

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