50+ Simple and Easy Jellyfish Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artist

Jellyfish are fascinating creature that teaches us about our world. With a water pen, you can draw jellyfish and learn beneficial facts about them. Or, with a pencil and paper, you could try drawing some jellyfish yourself! Here, we create 50+ simple and easy jellyfish drawing ideas for all aged artists (Kids, Adults, and Experts).

Jellyfish is the common name for about 600 species of stinging jellyfish. They may be found in the ocean, in shallow water bodies, or even around fresh water.

Many have bulbous bodies and long tentacles, although some are cylindrical with a bell-like shape. Jellyfish are mostly aquatic animals that reach up to 40 cm (1 foot) in diameter; they usually have one or more large “eye” spots on their bell-shaped bell (calyptra), which contains many tiny sensory eyes.

Jellyfish comprise more than 95% water, and a typical jellyfish is about 95% water. There is some skeletal structure of connective tissue, but not enough for the jellyfish to be considered an animal.

Easy jellyfish drawing ideas for kids

Cartoon Jellyfish: This jellyfish is ready to be drawn and colored by your kids. The most basic method for drawing jellyfish is to use a pencil and the lightest wash of color possible, generally just a few dashes of pure white or black in large sections.

This can create an outline filled with darker colors or airbrushing with thicker ink mixtures. Or you can use a crayon or paintbrush to do the same.

Pink color jellyfish: This is a simple and easy drawing of a pink jellyfish. You can draw the basic outline first with a pencil, then fill in the body and tentacles, and for the tail, you can add a few dots of color. This drawing is great for kids just learning how to draw jellyfish.

Easy To Make Cute Jellyfish Drawing Ideas

Simple jellyfish drawing ideas for adults

Green-colored jellyfish: This simple and easy drawing of a green jellyfish can be used to teach your kids how to draw jellyfish correctly. Get a bright green crayon, draw the basic outline first, then fill in the main body. Because this is a fairly simple drawing, you can use a pencil for the tentacles, and for the tail, you can add some dots of color.

Crystal color jellyfish: This is another example of a simple and easy jellyfish drawing from our collection. The body and tentacles need to be in a dark shade of blue, and the ring around the middle should also be a little darker. The edges of the drawing should be free of color to look like it is glowing.

Jellyfish drawing ideas for experts

Sky blue detailed jellyfish: This is the most advanced jellyfish drawing from our collection. The jellyfish’s body will be shaded in light blue, while the tentacles and ring around the middle should be a darker shade of blue. You can draw squiggly lines on your drawing to make it look like it’s waving slightly in the water.

Jellyfish with legs: This is another simple and easy jellyfish drawing that should be able to teach even a beginner how to draw an accurate jellyfish. This one is filled in with blue color, with the tentacles being black and the ring around the middle being red or brown. The outlines of this one can be drawn in pencil and then colored in with a crayon or marker.


Now that you have learned fun and easy jellyfish drawing ideas for kids, adults, and experts, you are ready to go on and create some amazing jellyfish masterpieces.

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