100+ Simple and Easy Cute Cat Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists

Cat drawing is one simple task that anyone can do. Drawing cats is a fun, relaxing way to pass the time and relieve the stress you feel from your day.

It also promotes creativity and gives you a glimpse of what you may be able to create with the same medium. Here are 100+ Simple and Easy cat drawing ideas for all aged artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert)

Cats are easily drawn; they can also be drawn with many illustrations and styles. So do not be afraid to draw them as often as you want, even in different ways; remember some simple tips on drawing cats.

When drawing a cat, you must keep the anatomy in mind. They don’t all have the same size or shape of the body parts, so make sure not to draw them all the same way. Their eyes, nose, ears, and hair have different sizes and shapes.

Drawing a cat can make you feel like an artist, no matter if the cat is large or small. They are very common in almost all houses around the world. Many famous artists are inspired to create their amazing artworks from cats.

When you draw a cat with simple lines, it can make it look more beautiful as well as larger than it is.

Simple cat drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon Cat: Draw a simple cartoon cat using simple strokes and lines. This can be drawn easily with a black pen or sharpie. You can add some adorable features, like a small oval-shaped nose, big round eyes, and drawn ears.

Cats are very graceful animals, so try to show their body parts accordingly. You can add motion by using a white pen to draw the tail and the hind legs.


Colorful Cat: Colorful cat is made with different colored pencils. You can use different colored pencils, such as red, green, or other colors. You can use light and dark colors on the same drawing; try to vary their intensity.

Try to add some depth to your drawing by using different coloring techniques. This can be done by using a blending tool or something like that. You can also make a colorful background for your colorful cat drawing.

Easy cat drawing ideas for adults.

Black cat holding balloons: Draw a simple black cat with simple strokes. You don’t have to draw the whole body as it can be drawn very small, especially if you’re using a small paper size.

You can add some details such as ears, nose, and eyes if you want. Add some markings on the background for it to look more realistic and beautiful.

Cat with a big tail: Draw a simple cat with a big tail. You can make the tail at least three times larger than the whole body. More realistic details can be added to it. Using lines and circles, the cat can be drawn in different positions, such as lying down, sitting, or even running.

Drawing the inner ear correctly is important for the look of your drawing to be perfect. Try to use a white colored pencil to add some details to it; this makes it look beautiful and more realistic.

Cat drawing ideas for experts artist

Cute cat with big eyes: Draw a simple cartoon cat with big eyes. You can first draw the cat’s whole body and then add some details. The ears, legs, and tail can be drawn easily, but you can also add extra lines to them; this gives it a more realistic look.

If you want, the drawing can be filled with different colors; try to vary their intensity. You can use light and dark colors on the same drawing; try to vary their intensity.

Cat with patterns: Drawing a cat with patterns can be done using different colors: blueish, greenish, and greyish. You can also add extra layers of shading to your drawing; this makes it look more realistic.

The inner background color will depend on the exterior color of your drawing. If you use blue as the main color on its body, you can use shades of blue or purple as the inner part of it; this will give the illusion that there are two different layers in one drawing.


So these are some simple and easy cat drawing ideas you can do if you’re looking for something to do in your free time. It can also be useful to create a new collection of simple things you have drawn.

Also, the ideas can be a reference for you when you try to draw them. This way, it will be easier for you to draw cats again and again with different illustrations, styles, and techniques.

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