45+ Simple and Easy Cherry Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artist

Cherry is among the most popular flowers on plant-themed cards and advertisements worldwide. It is also a fruit many people enjoy eating, so you’ll often see it sitting in refrigerators or fruit baskets.

You can bring nature into your home with this popular cherry drawing idea, regardless of your preference.

Another popular flower is the rose. This cherry drawing idea shows an origami rose, whether a single bloom or an arrangement.

You can also buy artificial roses for your display if you don’t want to take the time to fold your own.

Cherry blossoms are used in many different Cherry blossom festivals around the world and are used as symbols of love, beauty, and friendship.

Flowers are a great way to brighten up a room for the holidays and are also a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other day when you’re celebrating something special.

You can even make a display with an arrangement of different flowers if you want to add variety and color to your decoration.

Simple cherry drawing ideas for kids

Colorful cherry: Boys and girls can enjoy coloring their cherry drawing idea. This easy cherry drawing idea for kids consists of a simple cherry drawing with a few lines and other shapes to give it some detail and make it more appealing.

Cherry blossom: Another option is to color in a detailed cherry blossom, showing the blossom’s petals with various shades of pink and red. Add little hearts to the top of each fall as an added decoration.

Another simple cherry drawing for kids is this easy cherry drawing. Although the image is simple and cartoonish, adding a few more lines and shapes gives it a little more detail.

Easy cherry drawing ideas for adults

Two cherries: If you’re looking for a simple cherry drawing idea for adults, this one might be perfect. The small circles within the larger circle allow you to practice drawing circles, typically used in flower and fruit drawings.

Cherry family: This is also a great way to color a simple cherry drawing idea for adults. Add little hearts to the top of each flower, and they’ll look like they’re ready to pop out and show their love. This is a more detailed cherry drawing idea for adults.

The artist added different shades of both red and light green to create depth in the flowers. They also used smudges and smears to add a little bit of shading to the piece. You can draw your cherry blossoms or use some roses or flowers to make the piece stand out.

Cherry Drawing Ideas For Beginners Artist

Cherry drawing ideas for experts

Cherries with leaf: Add some depth to your cherry drawing with this simple cherry drawing idea. It’s a great way to add variety to a simple cherry drawing, and it’s also a great way to practice drawing different-shaped objects, such as leaves and stems.

Detailed Cherries: This is a more detailed cherry drawing idea for experts. It shows not only the cherries themselves, with their clear red stems and green leaves, but also the petals of each blossom. Each petal has a different color and shape, making it easy to create depth in your piece.

Colored Cherry Drawing Ideas For Professional Artist



As you can see, there are many ways show your love for cherries and other fruits. From the cherry blossom to a simple sketch of a cherry tree, you can bring any of these drawings into your home and make it a work of art. You can also add it to your album and share it with others.

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