45+ Bell Peppers Drawing Ideas In 2023 | Simple and Easy Drawings For Kids To Adults Artist

The fruit of plants belonging to the Grossum Group of the species Capsicum annuum, the bell pepper (also referred to as paprika, sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum is the most common name for this vegetable.

Fruits of the plant can be produced in various hues, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, chocolate, candy cane striped, and purple, depending on the cultivar of the plant.

It is common practice to refer to bell peppers and other chilies with a lower heat level as “sweet peppers.”

Although they are botanically classified as berries and hence fall under the fruit category, they are most usually used as an ingredient in vegetable dishes or as a side dish.

Some kinds of Capsicum annuum are considered chili peppers since they are grown specifically for their aromatic qualities and are therefore included in this category.

Chili peppers are classified as members of the genus capsicum.

The bell pepper is a popular vegetable in Western culture because it is delicious and healthy. In this article, we’ll define 45+ Simple and Easy bell pepper drawings for all aged artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert )

Simple bell peppers drawing for kids:

Colorful bell peppers: This is one of the most common ways of drawing bell peppers. The simplest way is to fill the bell pepper with different paint colors. Kids can do it by themselves.

Bell pepper with stem: To make it seems realistic, you can draw the stem of the bell pepper and make the different color of the top part, bottom part, and between the part of the bell pepper.

Easy to make bell pepper drawing ideas for kids

Cute Bell peppers: This is another way to design bell peppers. To make it look more realistic, you can draw several bell peppers in different colors, which will look more real than others.


Easy bell peppers drawing for adults:

Yellow-colored bell peppers: One of the easiest ways to draw bell peppers. The first step is to draw a square, then put a circle inside the square and make the different colors on it.

Bell peppers with leaf: This is another way to design the bell pepper. You can make leaves on top of branches and put bell pepper in between them to make it look real.

Green-colored bell peppers: This is a more realistic, simple, and easy drawing for adult artists because this kind of drawing looks like a real picture.

First, you can draw a few branches and put some leaves on top of them, then put different shapes of leaves in between, and finally add some interesting design at the top of it.

Simple bell papper vegetable drawing for adults artist

Red colored bell papper drawing ideas for adults artist


Black and white bell papper sketch drawing

Bell papper drawing for beginners artist

Bell peppers drawing for experts:

Detail colorful bell peppers: This is one of the most straightforward ways to draw a bell pepper.

In the beginning, you can draw the basic shape of a bell pepper, add some leaves on top of it, and finally put some small details on the shape and leaves to make it more realistic.

The best way to draw bell peppers is to keep practicing and drawing several different colored peppers.

Red bell peppers: This is one of the most interesting ways to make a realistic bell pepper drawing. To do it, you can draw the stem on the top of the bell pepper, then add some leaves above it and on the stem.

This way, your drawing will look like red bell pepper.

Three bell peppers in one drawing: To make this drawing more realistic, you can draw two or three different sizes of purple bell peppers.

Also, you can draw small and big vegetables between the leaves to mix them up and make them more realistic.


The bell pepper is easy to draw; almost anyone can draw it. What makes bell peppers more interesting is their color variations depending on the environment in which they grow and what kind of sunlight they receive.

The colors are often due to wide-ranging pigments called anthocyanin, found in all parts of the plant.

A red pigment in the bell pepper is phenolic acid, a benzylidenephthalide that contains a chemical called benzene, while blue-purple pigments in some bell peppers are flavonoids called aconitine and lutein; green ones contain chlorophyll. I hope this article will help you to draw bell peppers.

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