How To Make A 3D Painting?


If someone wants to see real creativity, 3D paintings are the best examples to see, draw, and visualize the real-like effect. The 3D painting is actually a drawing of an object actually coming off the surface of the drawing. This kind of art is of ancient times known as anamorphosis. 3D printing has always been … Read more

What Kind of Paint to Use For Swirl Painting?

What Kind of Paint to Use For Swirl Painting

Swirl painting is actually a breathtaking painting technique through which you can achieve as many new designs by swirling various colors. To attain different designs in swirl painting you need the following items:- Humbrol Enamel paint Primer spray paint Automotive clear coat Painter’s tape Borax detergent booster Plastic pipette Reference: Spray Paint Guides Now after gathering … Read more

How to Seal Acrylic Paint?


The acrylic paintings are the beautiful creative art of the painters. But with the passage of time, the paintings start losing their quality, color, and freshness. To overcome this problem, you need to “varnish” your paintings to keep them as new for a long time. Varnishing of paintings basically refers to add a protective coat … Read more

About The Viral Painting


Viral Painting is a group of artists, The purpose of this page is to bring the best beginner artist to the top and provide expertise. Viral Painting is the right platform for artists where they can learn painting and get ideas to make their art good. Visit in website for more Painting Ideas. Follow Our … Read more

How to Dispose of Paint Thinner?

How to Dispose of Paint Thinner.

Paint thinner and related solvents can contaminate groundwater or cause a fire if thrown in the household trash. Most jurisdictions classify them as hazardous substances and need residents to dispose of them safely and carefully to protect the environment and themselves. Rags soaked in paint thinner may combust in the air, causing a serious and … Read more

How to Store Paint?

How to Store Paint.

Keeping leftover paint is essential for many reasons. You will sometimes need it to touch up your projects, and it can be reused on other projects as well. Various famous brands’ paint is made with high-quality that doesn’t dry up if stored in a proper way. Here Are Some Tips for Storing Your Leftover Paint … Read more

How To Become An Artist?

How To Become An Artist

Start your career with art needs lots of dedication, hard work, learning basic techniques, and a plan. A famous person said “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist,” by Albert Einstein. And today, you will be told some steps that you can follow to Become A Good Artist. Evolve Your … Read more

How To Frame A Canvas Painting?

how to Frame A Canvas Painting

Picture frames allow you to hang canvases by protecting them from any damage or support them on the wall. Framing a stretched canvas is different from farming a picture, as it does not need any glass or a frame with the back cover. The supplies you need to frame a canvas available at your local … Read more

What Is Digital Painting?


Digital painting is the artwork created digitally on a tablet or a computer. This process can be done using different brushes much like a traditional painting. Many artists are using digital painting as it is cheaper for long-term use and also has necessity in the world of illustration, 2D game art, and animation. If you … Read more

What Is An Abstract Painting?


Abstract painting is the non-objective art that illustrates sculpture, painting, or graphic art that does not strive to illustrate an accurate depiction of visual reality. Abstract art extract with primary elements of painting such as shape, color, line, and renders subject matter as indistinct forms, pared down. Abstract art has been around for well known … Read more

How To Make A Print Of A Painting?

How To Make A Print Of A Painting

These days people are wondering about their favorite painting to be on their walls in order to fulfill the features of the wall. In some cases art lovers looking within a budget for their best-loved artwork created by favorite artists. While the prints don’t attain the value of the original painting, but still prints offer … Read more

What Is Acrylic Painting?

what is acrylic painting

The acrylic painting uses acrylic paint which is used in the 1950s as a synthetic resin to bind pigments.   Acrylic paints can be used thickly or thinly depending on how much water is added to them, it can resemble a watercolor or an oil painting.   Acrylic paint is waterproof once it has dried … Read more

How To Make Fabric Painting?

How To Make Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is the best art to give a new fresh look to your boring, plain fabric. This art can be done with textures, beautiful designs, and patterns to completely transform your fabric.   The process of doing fabric painting is not that much hard we heard. It is quite easy to do with the … Read more

How To Make Spray Painting?

spray painting

Spray painting is a kind of simpler painting that can be done without using a brush and liquid paint. By using spray paints you can decor your home by refurbishing your old items into the new trendy styles. But to do spray painting still, you need some knowledge and proper tools to protect your health … Read more

What Is A Sand Painting?

Sand painting

Sand painting is also known as Dry painting. These paintings are presented as symbolic pictures which are prepared by trickling small quantities of charcoal, colored, crushed sandstone, pollen, or other dry materials in yellow, white, blue, black, and red hues on a background of clean and smoothed sand.   Around 600 different pictures are known, … Read more

How To Hang A Canvas Painting?


A wall is always incomplete without hanging a canvas painting to it. A perfect wall hanging can be done by yourself by knowing some interesting facts about How To Hang A Canvas Painting like an expert.   Choose The Right Spot For Your Canvas Print You need to pick up the right spot in your … Read more

How To Make A Painting?


When you come with an idea to start painting is the enthusiastic feeling that encounters the myth that it takes talent. Your desire to learn to paint gives a positive attitude to make paintings like an artist. Let’s see how to make a painting:- Which Paint To Use? There are different kinds of paints are … Read more

How To Start Painting?


Starting up your career or begin to do painting as a passion is the art of living. At the same time, it needs lots of dedication, practice, experience, and observation. Painting is a kind of art that illustrates your imagination and inspires you to explore how you see the world, beautiful landscaping, adorable nature, or … Read more