2023 Updated 55+ Monster Drawing Ideas For Kids To Adults Artist

Monsters have seemed in every setup of storytelling that mankind has used, from fireside fiction and mythology to classic literature and films.

They mostly indicate real-world fears and are used as a manner to scour them visually.

Most of the stories featuring monsters are scary fun, and people have tried to create all kinds of scary creatures throughout the years.

Whether it’s giant Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, werewolves, demons, mummies, zombies causing terrifying cities, or tiny gremlins making havoc, we can’t seem to get enough of these!

If you are wondering how to create your own monster, then keep browsing this blog!

Simple Monster Drawing Ideas

How intimidating a monster is depends on lots of factors like how scary its face is or how frightening its body is. 

Drawing an intimidating monster can be quite challenging as it requires lots of details about its face and body.

To avoid complexities in drawing a monster, we have made this collection of 30+ monster drawings for all aged artists in such a simplified manner that even a novice can try to draw them.

This collection on how to draw a monster in easy steps will have you create a dreadful beast of your own!

Easy monster drawings for kids

Kids love to watch movies that feature a monster in them. They find it very amusing and scary fun.

Since monsters are very popular among kids, they must wonder how to draw one and show off their favorite monster character in front of friends so that everyone finds them cool!

If you are also one of those who want to draw a fearsome monster and show it off to your friends to become cool, then you are lucky to find us!

Here you will find plenty of monster drawing ideas perfect for your artistic level and skills.

Take a look at these!

Here is a simple example of a monster drawing that kids can easily draw. Make a circle and erase the unwanted boundary of it to draw the head of the monster.

Add weirdness by making strange hands and legs.

Don’t forget to add spooky facial features to it such as pointy teeth or goofy eyes.

And this one will surely remind you of a polar bear! Monsters can be of any kind or any way. Draw your monster in any manner that you find most relatable or known.

Here as you can see, eyes are on the goofy side, pointy teeth with an underbite, and claws can be on the floppy side. They all makeup to something more silly than scary.

Toss in the fact that there’s no right or perfect way to draw them, and you have productive ground for some imaginative artwork.

An enormous head with pointy teeth and small hands and legs. A perfect example of a monster, right? Draw this one if you find it easy!

What about a red monster? Red is generally a symbol of harm or danger and that’s why it’s a perfect idea to color your monster red. The below illustration would be great for a Halloween graphic or anything else that needs a scary creepy creature.

And for this, draw an upside-down U and then make some Jagged lines to make its scary melting body. And what more can we add to enhance its spookiness? Horns! Right.

Draw horns and three eyes with some sharp teeth inside the open mouth to level up the creepiness.

I love how simple this drawing is. This would be great when drawn with a black sketch. It’s like a cloth hiding the monster’s body.

How about a red, big-mouthed, and poking-out eyes monster? The below image would be perfect if you are looking for a scary fun monster.

Ever imagined a monster with an egg-like body? Here it is! Draw an egg-like shape and make zig-zag lines on its bottom area to make it look wearing something.

Make pointy-angled horns with two round eyes.

This one is an easy illustration that will help any level of artist to draw a monster quickly. Use a black sketch to darken its body and facial features.

A ghost cum monster! One-eyed monsters are so popular that we have seen them in lots of cartoons and stories. This will take less time as its body does not need much encapsulation.

This furry green monster is the cutest. Draw your monster using a different color of your choice. As it has four legs, you can make it even more for increasing weirdness.

This monster kind of looks like a plant stem to me. A very angry and dangerous plant stem.

Monster drawing ideas for adults

Here are some drawings particularly selected for adults and their preferences to match their artistic standards and skills.

Down below, you will see some differently-designed monsters with different facial expressions.

You are free to add or change facial expressions and features according to your desire!

Check out these drawings below and showcase your inner creativity!

Here is a hairy monster with lots of body hairs like that of a grass monster. It’s surely an easy one as it only requires a bunch of pointy lines to draw the hairy body and horns.

Remember to draw its facial features as it’s the essential part of the entire spooky look.

A monster wearing a t-shirt may be the best thing you can draw. Seems like a homy with a monster body. It doesn’t look scary but more like a silly and goofy monster.

This one looks more creepy than scary. His ears are what may get all the attention. Draw bat-like ears with surprisingly goofy eyes. Draw zig-zag lines to create its teeth.

The below one has some extra facial features like dense eyebrows and a pulled-out tongue. Draw this if you are more into furry monsters.

This one is surely a famous one. It has something like snails over its head and a single big eye with a small body. Make it look more scary by adding gross snails.

You must have seen these types of monsters in Ben 10 or other TV cartoons. Here you can see, over the head, lots of moving worms are drawn to give a fearsome appearance! You can also try something like this.

This is the best green monster wearing some torn clothes. This definitely gives a scary and spooky vibe as this one is having a big single eye on the upper center of the face and an open mouth.

A creature having four hands and an apple-shaped body is what you might be looking for. While drawing hands and legs, don’t forget to draw its long pointy nails.

Here’s a really fantastic drawing of a monster that you can say that it took some time to complete. If you have time to invest, this is really a great piece for your reference.

You are free to add any modifications to your monster drawing just like the below illustration. Making your monster wear clothes is a good idea if you want a fun sketch.

Here is a goofy monster with a single eye, spiky hair, and a long tongue coming out of his mouth. You can surely give it a try and I am sure you can make it in less than a minute.

If you like goofy things rather than scary things or want to give your monster a goofy impression rather than a scary look, you can surely go for this one.

If you watch the reference image carefully, all you need to draw is a circle and then add details to it. Remember to draw its tongue falling outward to show its goofiness.

This one is more like a bubbly cloudy monster. Draw curved lines to make its body and add crease lines to make it look bubbly. Don’t forget to draw its antenna and goofy eyes.

The below image is a perfect example of a combination of weirdness and goofiness. After all, strange things are what monsters are. Go for it if planning to draw a such strange monster.

This one is more like a lizard monster. Lizards are creepy things and would be a perfect selection for your monster sketch. For this, draw a lizard’s body and when making its face, lose your hand and draw a flat circle and attached eyes over and below the face.

Here is a cute Pokemon kinda monster. Draw this one if you are planning to sprinkle some cuteness with a monster face on your drawing sheet.

This one is a full-fledged monster’s body more like that of a human being. Try this one if you are looking for something like a human monster.

Here is a giant monster with spikes on its back. If you don’t want to draw an open-mouth monster then this is a perfect selection for your art project. The below monster has a single tooth showing and two pointy horns.

This monster seems fun to draw. I like the facial expression that’s being made with three round eyes, wavy horns and a spooky smile.

Have you ever seen a mud monster? If not, draw one like the below  drawing to have your mud monster. It’s like the body of the monster is melting but it’s the mud falling down. Draw a big mouth to make it look scary.

Monster drawing ideas for professionals

This section is particularly designed under expert supervision to meet the expectations of professionals.

Along with quality drawings, you will soon discover that taking on this drawing is not only going to be great but a terrifying experience.

Take a tour of these intriguing drawings!

To simplify more and to ease the level of monster drawing, use a tool that can help you make a perfect circle and after that, add hands and legs attached to it with wings of course.

Inside the circle, make eyes and sharp teeth with an open mouth. Add small round shapes in the circle to make it look its spooky texture.

Monster is all about having abnormal traits like having four eyes or long pointed nails. This can be further modified as per your liking!

Below is one of my favorite monster drawings. Here’s a famous skull monster called the death monster holding a weapon called a scythe. It’s one of the famous skull creatures that you can find at many places on social media.

You must have seen the below creature in lots of memes on social media. It is one of the most popular monster-like creatures. Try to trace the below one to follow the trend.

You are free to add bones or huge ears or an elongated tongue to indicate strange monster-like traits just like the below reference image!


The final say —

Now that you’ve finished this visual guide, you have a terrifying monster on the sheet in front of you.

We expect that you found these drawing ideas easier than you anticipated when you have some easy drawing images to follow.

Our purpose is to make our drawings fun and informative, so we wish you had a great time with them!

Follow us for more such drawing ideas and step-by-step drawing guides!

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