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How to Start Painting? Guide For Beginners in 2023

Painting is a skill anyone can learn, but that does not mean it is easy. There are many things to remember when taking up painting as a hobby, from the methods and techniques involved to the materials you need.

This guide will give you an overview of every aspect of painting and help you feel prepared for each step in your journey as an artist. 

We will introduce you to the various materials used for painting and give you a step-by-step guide with plenty of images to help you follow along.

Examine your interest:

First and foremost, you need to think about why you want to start painting in the first place. 

Are you looking for a creative outlet? Are you trying to learn something new?

Is painting something you enjoy doing, or is it more of a challenge that you hope will teach you new skills? These are valid reasons for picking up a brush for the first time, but what kind of materials or supplies will be right for your specific situation?

Choose your medium:

There are many different types of materials and tools that are used to create art. 

Different techniques and methods will work better for different materials, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Each medium has a unique texture or feel, and the application is often different when using each, so choose something that suits your needs best.

Know the basics of art:

If you are new to the art world, you will have to learn basic terms and understand more about each piece of equipment. 

Painting isn’t only about creating something and learning the basic techniques behind it. 

You should know the difference between a brush stroke and a dab of paint, as well as understand which tools are used for which purpose.

Select what you want to paint:

Will you be painting in oil, acrylic, or water-based paints? Every medium needs certain materials to create a realistic texture and look, so choose the one you know how to use. Ask yourself:

Draw your first drawing:

Now that you know what you will paint, it’s time to put down your brushes and get the pencils. Start by drawing your design or tracing one of your favorites onto a new paper. 

Using an image reference can help you learn the correct proportions and curves commonly found in art. 

You’ll have to use different pencil shapes to match what you see, which can also help you understand how light works on the page.

Review and improve:

Once you’re finished drawing, take a step back and review your work to see what you can learn.

 Fix any obvious mistakes and take note of things you want to improve on next time. 

A painting is never truly finished, and you will always be able to add more details or fix up the colors. Every artist starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid to keep practicing.


Now that you have learned everything you need to know to start painting, it’s time to combine all these skills into a single work of art. 

These steps should help you improve your painting and apply them to any future projects through practice.

You will learn new skills and experience different effects every time you take a new technique. Once you’ve mastered a few techniques, combine them for a more complex look or different colors.

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