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How To Make Step By Step Squirrel Drawing – Viral Painting

How To Make Step By Step Squirrel Drawing – Viral Painting

You must have seen a squirrel somewhere in the park sitting on the trees or running near you, usually, most squirrels are found only in the trees.

Squirrels are such cute creatures, if you also find them very cute and want to make a beautiful picture of them, then stay connected with this creative blog of ours.

We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to draw a cute squirrel. Now you don’t have to search

Step – 1. First, we make squirrel hands

To make the squirrel, we will first start with its hands  which are both the same in shape, the hands will be made in a circle, and the distance of both hands will be the same

To make such drawings, first of all, you should start with the hands, it is very easy to help you complete your drawing.

Step  – 2 Now we make the upper part of the cookie

Both the hands of the squirrel will meet through a curve line that will curve upwards.

Step  – 3 Now we make the bottom part of the cookie

Now here, on the other hand, both the hands of the squirrel will meet downwards by a curved line.

Step  – 4 draw a squirrel face

Now we will make the face of the squirrel by taking it in a circle on top of the curve we had made on our hands. Make it from the left side.

Step  – 5 let’s complete the squirrel face

To complete the face join the line starting from the left side with the right side so that the squirrel has a proper face structure.

Step  – 6 Now it’s time to make squirrel ears

To give a beautiful look to the squirrel, it is very important to make its ears, so we will make the squirrel’s ear by taking a curve on both the right side and left side of the face.

We have made a picture of a cookie in the hand of a squirrel, which squirrels often like to eat.

Draw a line down the middle of the left side cookies and hand to make the squirrel leg on the left side as shown in the picture.

Step – 7  make squirrel legs

Draw a line between the cookies on the right and the hand to make the squirrel leg on the right as shown in the picture.

Join the legs of the squirrel formed through a line

And the second point is we will start making the tail of the squirrel from the top of the right ear of the squirrel.

Now, something our squirrel is taking its form so Let’s complete our squirrel.

Step – 8  Next we will create a tail that looks like the hypnosis of the squirrel

To make its tail, take a curve from the squirrel’s ear and make a hypnosis circle, take a curve from its niche which will complete the tail.

Now, the squirrel’s tail is complete.

Step  – 9 create the beautiful eyes of the squirrel

To make eyes, draw two circles of equal size at the same distance, and inside those circles draw one smaller circle.

Draw a small circle in the middle just below both the eyes which will represent the nose of the squirrel.

Step – 10 Now let’s make the squirrel’s smiling face

Draw a downward curve when the two meet and draw a line from the middle of the two curves to make a squirrel’s tongue.

Now the sketch of our squirrel is complete. now it’s turned to color.

Stay connected with our article to know how to fill color in squirrel.

Step – 11 Let’s paint the squirrel with colors to make it look like a real one.

The squirrel’s body will have an orange-yellow color Our smiling squirrel will have a slight red shade on its cheek and its tongue will also have a red shade.

But there will be white color on half of the squirrel’s face which will be the lower part.

The upper part of the cookie will be filled with dark brown and the bottom will be filled with light brown color.

Our squirrel drawing is ready.

Final say —

We’ve done our best to help you learn to draw a squirrel.

If you have understood all our steps and you are ready to make a squirrel, then give your lovely feedback in the comment section below.

We have our other interesting drawing ideas and tutorial guides too on the website, so be sure to browse them and visit our collection frequently as we keep uploading fresh drawing ideas to our drawing catalog so you never regret being missed out!

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Stay connected and keep sketching.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here

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