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How To Frame A Canvas Painting?

how to Frame A Canvas Painting

Picture frames allow you to hang canvases by protecting them from any damage or support them on the wall. Framing a stretched canvas is different from farming a picture, as it does not need any glass or a frame with the back cover. The supplies you need to frame a canvas available at your local craft store.

Let’s Start With Step By Step Guide

1. Measure The Canvas:-

Use the measuring tape to calculate the length, width, depth of the canvas. Write down the measurements in a diary and keep it handy so that it will help you when you are purchasing a frame.

2. Select A Frame That Compliments The Canvas:-

Frames come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so choose a frame that goes perfectly with your canvas or how you want to finish the product view. The contrast between the canvas and frame is lovely to the eye.

  • Always try to avoid use frames that are similar in color to the canvas.
  • Contrast the style of frame with the style of the frame.
  • Edge modern art looks nice in the plainer frame and simple paintings view pleasant with ornate frames.
  • Choose a frame that doesn’t distract from what is on the canvas.

3. Purchase A Frame From A Craft Store:-

Now you have all the measurements and the style you want for the canvas. Find the frame for the same width, length, and depth of your canvas. The standard frame sizes are 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 18×24, 20×24, 24×30, and 30×40 but some stores have another size which is 10×20.

4. Buy Canvas Clips:-

The canvas clips do not need screws but if needed the screws come in seven sizes which are 1/8, 3/8, 1,1. Then measure the frame back to the back of the stretcher bar to find out which size you require.

5. Insert The Canvas Into The Frame:-

Lay the frame face towards the downside on a flat surface, and place the canvas inside with the decorated side down. Make sure you do not scratch the decorated side of the canvas when fixing it into the frame.

  • The canvas must sit on the frame’s inner lip.
  • If the canvas is uneven or bulging out of the frame, rearrange it to keep it fit perfectly inside the frame.
  • Remember every frame is different, some fit very tightly, and some are looser.

6. Attach The Clip-on Canvas Clips:-

Place the clips where you want them to be on the frame. One in the middle works well. Make marks with a pencil in the holes of the four canvas clips. Marks should be clear enough to drill a small pilot hole at each mark, do not drill through the sketcher bar or frame. Set the clips over the holes by screwing them securely.

7. Turn The Painting Over Carefully:-

Now it’s time to check your finished product. The frame should fit properly around the canvas. In case if the canvas comes out then you need to push the canvas clips down to make it more tightly.

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