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How To Draw Yoshi In 8 Steps – ViralPainting

How To Draw Yoshi In 8 Steps

There are so many popular video game characters, but Yoshi stands out as one of the most recognizable.

This charming tiny green dinosaur has appeared in several popular video games and captured the hearts of countless admirers. Many of these fans may like to learn how to draw Yoshi but have no idea where to begin.

If you are one of these admirers, you have selected the perfect guide to help you find your way!

Our detailed, eight-step lesson on drawing Yoshi will have you embarking on colorful adventures with him in no time!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Yoshi

Step 1:

Start by drawing a circle. It will be Yoshi’s nose or snout.

Step 2:

Now, draw a large oval shape on the circle that we drew in step 1st.

Step 3:

This part of our instruction on drawing Yoshi may appear difficult, but it doesn’t have to be if you take your time and precisely follow the reference image.

His torso is quite rounded, and his neck is slender where it links to his head. Also, add big dark eyes, as shown in the image.

In addition, he will have a sharp tail, followed by legs and large shoes. You’ll be able to complete the task if you concentrate on each part individually and strictly adhere to the reference image.

Step 4:

Then, you may create his arm and hand on the side of his torso using curved lines for the shell on his back.

Step 5:

Draw some lines on Yoshi’s legs to add final details to the drawing, and draw a roundy zig-zag shape on the back of Yoshi’s body to make it look realistic.

Step 6:

Now that your Yoshi artwork is complete, adding some gorgeous colors is the only thing left to do.

You may use this as a reference if you want Yoshi to have his traditional appearance. We colored him with his normal colors.

However, this is only one possible approach, and you are free to use any colors you like for your drawing!

Yoshi has appeared in various ways throughout the games he has been in, giving you options for how to color him.

You may also alter the appearance of the colors you use using the creative media you select for the artwork.

Mediums like acrylic paints, colored pens, and markers can be used to produce brighter colors.

Watercolor paints, colored pencils, and crayons, to name a few, can be used to achieve muted tones. How do you intend to color your Yoshi drawing? We are adding yellow color to Yoshi’s shoes.

Step 7:

Add green color to Yoshi’s nose and add orange color in the final that we have added on Yoshi’s back.

Step 8:

Fill green color on Yoshi’s body as displayed in the reference image!

Step By Step Yoshi Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


You’ve completed all the details, added your personal touches, and brought it to life with your colors. That indicates that you’ve completed this tutorial for drawing Yoshi!

We hope that by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable phases, it was not only significantly easier for you to complete but also a lot of fun!

Now that you have mastered this instruction, you may personalize it further by incorporating your features, details, additions, and backdrops.

You may also experiment with other colors and mediums to add your personal touch. Allow your imagination to go wild and see what you can achieve!

When you’re ready for more sketching fun, you can visit our website for other excellent instructions similar to this one. Be sure to check back frequently to avoid missing out on any tutorials.

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