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How To Draw Tom And Jerry: Simple And Easy

How To Draw Tom And Jerry

There are certain animals in nature that do not get along. The competition between cats and mice is one of the most well-known, and it is represented in the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.

This animation began in the 1950s, so nearly seven decades of hijinks! This collection of free Tom and Jerry coloring sheets for children celebrates these two antagonistic characters.

Here is the easy and simple eight-step guide to drawing tom and jerry.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Tom And Jerry

Step 1:

Take a hexagon shape paper to start your tom and jerry drawing.

Step 2:

Take a brush and start filling the pink color on the whole hexagon paper. Then take a brush and blue color and start filling it with the brush from the edges.

Step 3:

Fill the blue color with a brush on the side and fill the white color as shown in the image.

Step 4:

Start filling the yellow color with the blue color. Don’t forget to check reference images; otherwise, everything becomes messy.

Step 5:

Then, use yellow, green, and black colors to draw an eye of tom. Also, draw the hand of tom as displayed in the reference image. And draw jerry with brown color on the tom’s hand.

Step 6:

Then outline the tom’s body with a dark black marker. Also, add some final details in the drawing, as shown in the picture.

Step 7:

Outline the jerry’s body with a dark black marker.

Step 8:

After that, draw the Mustache of tom as shown in the picture. Here you have your exciting and beautiful tom and jerry drawing.

Step By Step Tom And Jerry Drawing Video Tutorial

List Of Equipment Used For These Paintings


We hope you enjoyed remembering some classic cartoon adventures with these free coloring sheets of Tom and Jerry for children.

We endeavored to include various settings for you to color, and we wanted to encourage your creativity. Don’t forget to check back frequently because we add how to draw tutorials regularly. 

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