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How To Draw Teeth: Simple And Easy Tutorial

Taking care of our teeth is of equal importance to the value of our teeth. They help us chew our food and enhance our smiles, but they may become a literal agony to possess without proper maintenance!

Therefore, they must be regularly cleaned to make visits to the dreaded dentist less frequent.

They may also be entertaining to draw, and learning to draw a cartoon tooth can be a rewarding experience! It is precisely what we will accomplish for the entirety of this tutorial!

Our step-by-step instruction on drawing a cartoon tooth in only seven simple stages will demonstrate how to make a humorous tooth interpretation!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Teeth

Step 1:

Teeth have a unique appearance when they are seen. They feature rounded apexes that aid in food grinding and pointed bases penetrating the gums.

In this tutorial on drawing a cartoon tooth, we will illustrate this form, although significantly exaggeratedly.

As you can see in the illustration, this tooth outline will comprise several curved and rounded lines, including the two pointed sections.

Step 2:

Complete the teeth outline as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

In this third step of our tutorial on drawing teeth, we will add a smiling face. Add eyebrows of teeth in this step, as shown in the image below.

Step 4:

Add a smiling face by drawing a curve line. Don’t forget to check reference images. Now, add a zig-zag curve shape on the top of the teeth to make it look cute and realistic.

Step 5:

To be reminded of appropriate teeth care, we will be adding a toothbrush to this composition!

He will be holding a huge toothbrush, which will fill up the space you left in his fist. The toothbrush has a relatively simple design since it utilizes some straight and slightly curved lines.

Then, you can add the bristle portion at the end, and this will take on a roughly rectangular form with plenty of line features on the edges.

Step 6:

Draw a hand in which the brush is holding, as shown in the reference image.

Step 7:

Now, add a curve of two lines on the right side of the teeth to make it look beautiful. You can add colors to the drawing according to your choice.

You will see that for the “body” of the tooth, you can choose several tones of light greys and whites.

The eyes are a light shade of blue, and you can add a dash of color to the toothbrush by painting the handle red.

Step By Step Teeth Drawing Video


It ends all steps of this tutorial on drawing a cartoon tooth! These are not always simple to draw correctly, which might make them scary to attempt!

We hope this article has shown you that it can be both enjoyable and simple when you have certain steps to follow.

Now you can take control and demonstrate your ability to create great details! Together with your color selections, these may add a great deal of personality to your drawing.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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