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How To Draw Step By Step Piggy and 5+ Piggy Drawing Ideas

As you probably know, the more different a subject can be, the harder it can get. If you would like to learn how you can learn to draw a piggy, then be sure to read how to draw this tutorial.

While it could seem hard, we have this step-by-step guide on how to make a piggy make sure that the method doesn’t have to be tough at all for kids.

Want to learn how to create a piggy diagram? I get why. Pigs are super cute, pink, and a lot neater than the media would have you guess. If learning how to draw a piggy is what you came for, read on.

Before we proceed with the pig drawing tutorial, you will need to make sure you have the basic substances.

Some quality sketch pencils, erasers, and a sketching pad are all you want. Please don’t feel like you have to hurry to your nearest craft supplies store and buy a lot of stuff. However, if you need to colour your piggy diagram, try out these coloured pencils.

Guide on how to draw a piggy

Read below the top 10 Simple Steps on how to draw a piggy

Step. Draw an oval-shaped structure

Draw an oval-shaped structure in a little tilted manner.

Step 2. draw a circle 

Draw a small circle under it.

Step 3. Draw another circle

Draw another circle both circles are depicting the eyes of the piggy.

Step 4. Draw two circle

Draw two small circles under the circles we made earlier for the eyes.

Step 5. Make the nose of the piggy

Draw a small oval shape structure and add two small circles in it to make the nose of the piggy.

Same as shown in the picture

Step 6. Draw the smile and ears of piggy

Draw a curved line for a smile and two u-shaped structures on the head to make the ears of the piggy.

Step 7. Draw the spectacle of piggy

Draw a spectacle of the piggy and add some detail in the face of the piggy same as shown in the picture.

Step 8. Draw the hands and body of the piggy

Draw the body and hands of the piggy draw an oval shape structure for the body and make straight lines for the two hands.

Step 9. Draw the legs of the piggy

Draw two lines and then add feet, do the same with another leg same as shown in the image.

Step 10. Draw the tail of the piggy

Make three curved lines in the back portion of the piggy.

Colour the piggy

Colour the piggy with yellow and brown colour and the nose in pink colour.


We created this step-by-step guide to show you that it can be simple to take on a new drawing challenge when you bring it to step by step, and we hope that you had joy while learning how to make a piggy.

Once you can draw a piggy trying this guide, it’s up to you to expand your personal touches to the sketch.

You could alter the facial expression, patterns on the piggy or the colours of your drawing even more differently. Drawing in a cool background is also an incredible way to personalize it.

Top 5 Piggy Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. Cute Piggy Drawing 

piggy drawing ideas for professionals (3)

2. Piggy Face Drawing 

piggy drawing ideas for expart (1)

3. Piggy with cap

by viral painting piggy drawing ideas for expart (2)

4. Simple to make 

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5. easy to make 

piggy drawing ideas for adults (2)

6. stand piggy drawing 

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