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How To Draw Step By Step Isolated Ship and 5+ Isolated Ship Drawing Ideas

Ships are one of the coolest things most people learn to draw. You can create a realistic ship that’s as detailed and customized as you prefer with the help of the basic artistic skills you have.

Ships have been used for people to travel to distant, new grounds, to mount voyages, and for enjoyment traveling over oceans.

No matter what they may be utilized for, few conveyances provide the freedom and possibilities for exploration that ships do.

So, If you love ships and the freedom they deliver, then you may want to learn how you can draw one.

So, to play with some sketches and pencils, we are going to draw an amazing isolated ship. 

And for that, we have come up with this amazing step-by-step guide to make an isolated ship for everyone to have an amazing isolated ship sketch in front of them. 

Amplify the features and keep the sketch simple for a fun and interesting-looking isolated ship that you can draw easily and in no time.

This guide on how to draw an isolated ship in just 9 easy steps will make drawing your own awesome ship smooth sailing.

Let’s begin!

How to draw an isolated ship — let’s get started!

Step 1 — Let’s Begin with drawing some fruits of the palm tree.

Let’s begin our drawing by making three circles attached to each other that will portray the fruits of the palm tree.

Step 2 — Next, draw the Trunk of the palm tree

After making the fruits, make a slightly curved elongated line and make another elongated line parallel to it. This will create the trunk of the palm tree. 

Step 3 — Complete the palm tree and draw the landscape

The third step of our drawing guide is a little detailed. 

After making the trunk of the palm tree, we need to draw the other parts of the palm tree such as its leaves. For creating the leaves, draw an elongated inverted curve and enclose it with a jagged line. Repeat it four more times to draw another four leaves.

You can refer to the above image and take help.

After making the leaves, we shall be drawing the landscape and for this, just make a broad oval shape at a little distance from the bottom of the palm tree. 

We will start making our ship in the next step.

Step 4 — After completion of the palm tree, begin drawing an old tyre fender

So here is the starting point of the ship. In the first step, we shall be drawing two small circles with a tiny circle inside to create the old tyre fender of the ship.

Step 5 — Start making the body of the ship.

Extend the previous step by making another circle with a tiny circle inside just on the right side of the second Circle. Connect each circle with a line and draw an upside-down trapezoid shape starting from the end of the last tire.

Step 6 — Next, draw the upper inside area called the wheelhouse

Complete the trapezoid shape with a pointy edge on each upper end and start making the wheelhouse above the trapezoid shape.  For making the wheelhouse, you simply need to make some lines by following the reference image above. 

Step 7 — Complete the ship.

After completing the wheelhouse, draw a flag over the top of the wheelhouse. Beside the wheelhouse, draw a thin long rectangular figure that will represent the funnel of the ship. 

After that, make a line in the middle of the trapezoid shape that we have drawn in the fifth step and this will be the hull of the ship.

Step 8 — Now, draw the engine exhaust and sea waves.

Now we shall be drawing the boiler steam or smoke or engine exhaust coming out from the funnel by drawing rough circles in an ascending shape order i.e. small to big in shapes. 

Don’t forget to add some curved lines to replicate sea waves.

Step 9 — At last, draw a bird to give a final look to the scene.

Finally, add more sea waves to your drawing and make a bird by drawing an extended V shape.

Congratulations, Your isolated ship drawing is now complete!

Add colors to your completed sketch according to your liking and preferences. You are free to choose any color, after all, it’s all yours to experiment with something unique and creative ideas. You can also customize your art by adding more details in the background such as mountains or sun or whatever your mind says.

Final thought —

We hope this super easy step-by-step guide helped you to draw a perfect isolated ship with ease and quickly. 

Don’t forget to visit our website and follow us on social media and Pinterest for more such easy-peasy drawing ideas and step-by-step guides.

Stay creative and keep drawing!

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