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How To Draw Step By Step Dolphin and 5+ Dolphin Drawing Ideas

You must have seen your dolphin swimming and jumping in the sea on a boat or a ship, this experience is wonderful.

Most dolphins are seen by fishermen while fishing.

Today we will discuss the beauty of nature, and dolphins living in the water.

Through our article, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to draw a dolphin cute drawing summarised in nine easy instructions with the help of some easy exemplification.

You can make a beautiful dolphin picture with your imagination easily with our given guidance.

Improve your art with given interesting pictures and descriptions.

Step – 1 Let’s start with the top of the dolphin

You can start your drawing by drawing a line taking the curve upwards horizontally.

This horizontal line is showing the upper face of our Dolphin. To make a wonderful dolphin drawing, if the structure is good then our Dolphin will look even more beautiful.

Some pencils are such that they spread after drawing, due to which the drawing looks a bit awkward, so use a good pencil that is not too felty.

Step – 2. now make the bottom part of the dolphin

Draw a down-curve line that meets the starting endpoint of the upper-curve horizontal line made for the dolphin’s mouth, which will complete the front of the dolphin.

In this way the front structure of our Dolphin is ready as you are seeing in the picture above, you also have to make your own drawing.

I hope you all have fun drawing with us

Step – 3 Let’s draw a line for our dolphin mouth

As we have drawn above, both the curves are meeting the starting point, draw a line from the same point which will take the upward curve in the starting and take the downward curve in the last and join it to the end of the bottom line.

Slowly we are completing the drawing of the Dolphin, stay with us

Step – 4 Now we attach its body parts like eyes and flippers

Now that the head of our dolphin drawing is complete, we begin to add in the body. First, we’ll draw the dorsal fin on the dolphin’s back using a curved line

Then, we’ll need to use a very curved line for the dolphin’s back.

At the point where the bottom part of the head ends, we just have to draw a curved line to make the flipper for the dolphin. It’s really starting to look like a dolphin now!

Step – 5  Now let’s make the tail of the dolphin

In this journey of making a dolphin, in the next step of our guidance, we will make the back part of the dolphin where the tail goes.

To start, draw a slightly curved line extending from the flipper and toward the tail.

You can then curve the line over the end to create the beginning of the tail and also the end of the back line.

Step – 6. make the bottom of it

All of you will know that the bottom part of the dolphin is hard and to show this place, draw 3 lines from the starting point to the ending point in the bottom part of the dolphin.

Maybe all our instructions are being understood by all and now our picture has taken the form of a Dolphin.

Stay with us from our article and you will learn to draw even more new pictures.

Step – 7. Crate the surrounding water splash

The dolphin is always found in water, so the water surrounding it will also need to be drawn so that its exact position can be shown in the drawing.

So we will make the water splash on both sides of the dolphin and in front of it.

You can make a cloud to show the spread of water. Join the five curves on the sides.

Step – 8 Start coloring the water.

Coloring the picture made by us makes it even more beautiful.

Now in the picture we have made, we will color the splashed water around the dolphin, for this we will use light blue color.

Color has to be done in water spread on all three sides.

Step – 9 After doing all the points, now we color the Dolphin.

Fill the upper part of the dolphin with blue color and paint the lower part with white color.

Fill up the outer circles for the eyes with black and the smaller circles with white.

Now after coloring our drawing, our drawing is looking even more beautiful with color. Hope your picture is also made like ours.

The Final say —

We hope that we have taught you how to draw a dolphin in our nine steps and with the instructions given by us, you will have understood very well and made a beautiful dolphin drawing.

Stay tuned to Viral Painting for more such interesting and creative step-by-step drawing guides.

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