How To Draw Step By Step Computer Mouse and 5+ Computer Mouse Drawing Ideas

A computer is a modern device that everyone finds interesting to operate.

If we talk about the devices with which the computer runs, then one of them is named Mouse.

If seen lightly, it is very small in size according to the computer. But looking at its usage, it is a great solution.

And the computer mouse is one of the most used gadgets in today’s age of Internet surfing. Learn how to draw a computer mouse with these easy-to-follow steps.

In this guide, we will try to explain with 10 easy steps on how to draw a beautiful mouse. 

Let’s learn to draw a mouse along with us and enhance your artistic skills. 

How to draw a mouse — let’s begin!

Step – 1. Let’s start with the body of the drawing mouse. 

Make a half-curved face vertical which will help us to make the body of the mouse

Join the ends of both the vertical lines, make a design in the middle, draw a line at an equal distance from both and make a design in the middle as shown in the figure.

Draw a straight line below both the vertical lines and draw a downward curve from the ends of the two vertical lines.

The body of our mouse is ready. 

Step – 2  Next, make the base of the mouse. 

Expensive mouses always come in design so we will try to make our mouse in a little design. 

Draw a straight line on both sides outwards at an equal distance in the vertical line of the mouse.

Draw two more long lines inside from the end of both lines.

Now giving the design to the mouse, give a pointed shape under the long lines.

Draw a line outside the design made on the mouse to make it look even more beautiful.

Step  – 3  Now it’s time to make the mouse buttons. 

Now that we have prepared the structure and design of the mouse, now let us make the buttons of the mouse.

We will draw two straight parallel lines from the end of the design in the middle above the mouse.

Step  – 4 Now let’s design the mouse buttons

Draw a downward and triangular shape at the ends of the two parallel lines drawn above.

Draw an upward-facing oval shape between the two parallel lines as you can see in the picture above.

Draw two curved parallel lines on both sides outside the two parallel lines visible above the mouse

Draw a round shape at the bottom inside the mouse structure

Step  – 5  Now let’s paint the mouse

Purple fill between the curved lines drawn inside the mouse structure

Now we are going to finish our drawing by slowly coloring our mouse

Step  – 6 paint other parts of the mouse

The vertical line in the middle of the mouse has to be filled with a dark pink color so that your drawing looks exactly like ours.

Inside the vertical lines, the color has to be filled in the design in the oval shape given above, which will be different colored, as shown in the picture above, first red yellow, and then green, and the last blue will be filled.

Fill yellow inside the small circle below the mouse structure.

Step  – 7 Now let’s color the mouse button

The buttons on the right and left side of the mouse will be filled with red color.

And the design made on the outside of the mouse will have to be filled with green color.

Step  – 8 Colour the bottom design

As we had made a niche design above to make the mouse beautiful, now we will fill the blue color in it, which will make our mouse even more beautiful.

Step  – 9 Let’s color the area around the sphere

We will fill the space around the circle with red color, and in the middle, we will make white stars that will attract our mouse.

Our mouse is almost ready

Fill taking the color to a perfect now our color fill comes to an end

Our drawing is ready, hope that you will understand all the steps mentioned by us very easily and your drawing will also become attractive.

Final words —

Hopefully, you learned something new with this step-by-step guide to drawing a mouse.

Tell all the new drawing ideas that you all want to make in the comment section and after seeing this drawing, do share your feedback in our comment section.

Hope you had so much fun drawing a mouse with us so please remember to share it with your friends and check out our website and our Pinterest pages to explore more such art!

Stay tuned with Viral Painting and keep unleashing your creativity with our drawing catalogs. 

5+ Computer Mouse Drawing Ideas

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