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How To Draw Piggy: Simple And Easy Tutorial

drawing of piggy

Roblox is one of the country’s most popular gaming platforms. Millions of individuals in the United States play their favorite Roblox games or develop their own using the game engine each month. Roblox is home to several cartoon characters, including the renowned Roblox Piggy.

Roblox Piggy is derived from a game titled “Piggy.” The Roblox Piggy was modeled after the British animated character Peppa Pig.

Since its inception in January 2020, more than eight million users have accessed this game. The game features many modes and chapters, and the Build option allows you to construct your own Piggy game.

Want to draw your Pig? This lesson will demonstrate how to draw the piggy at home, step by step.

Use Pencils to sketch the outline and color it in using colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, or gel pens. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Piggy

Step 1:

Firstly, draw an oval shape with a pencil to make the head of the piggy.

Step 2:

Then, draw two circles under the head of the piggy to make the piggy’s eyes and draw two curvy shapes to draw ears behind the head.

Step 3:

Now, let’s draw the mouth of a piggy with a smiling face.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to draw the piggy’s body. We will draw two straight, curvy lines and attach them with a straight line below.

Step 5:

Now, it’s time to draw the arms and legs of the piggy. Draw straight lines two make hands and criss-cross them with another line. After that, draw the legs of the piggy with a dark black marker.

Step 6:

Finally, the most creative part of drawing is here! You can choose colors according to your choice. We are moving with a light orange shade on piggy’s head.

Step 7:

Then, fill dark orange color in the piggy’s body and add some final details by drawing a heart and circle to make it look more beautiful.

How To Draw Piggy Step By Step Drawing Video


Congratulations, your drawing of piggy is completed now. You can choose colors according to your choice and preference. We will add more tutorials regularly, so don’t forget to check back soon!

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