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How To Draw Grapes In Easy 7 Steps

how to draw grapes

Grapes are an extremely adaptable fruit! They can be made into jelly, used to flavor candies, processed into juice and wine, or just consumed as they are.

They have also played a significant role in art throughout antiquity. Many have discovered that learning how to draw grapes is more difficult than anticipated.

This is that guide! We look forward to collaborating with you on this seven-step lesson on how to draw grapes.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Grapes

Step 1:

Firstly, we draw a twig on which grapes are attached with a leaf. Draw it by making two oval-shaped lines and drawing a small circle on both ends.

Step 2:

In this step of our lesson on how to draw grapes, we will sketch the connected leaf.

Use jagged lines to depict the leaf’s pointed edges. You will initially sketch the protruding portion as one of the three-leaf regions.

Referring to the reference image as you draw will illustrate our point.

We will complete the leaf outline for this portion of your grapes drawing. At its conclusion, the leaf will resemble a jagged maple leaf. Then, you will expand the grapes’ stems with more descending curving lines.

Step 3:

Now, take a coin of 1rs and start drawing a grape shape with it.

Step 4:

In this step of our guide on drawing grapes, you may add additional grapes. Similar to previous phases, just 12 grapes will be added in this step.

Step 5:

Now that it is sketched, you may have fun filling it in with your preferred colors.

We picked a great, bright green for the leaf, but this is only one of many possible color choices.

You may also make the grapes green or use brilliant colors to create a more artistic effect. We cannot wait to see what colors and media you choose to bring this design to life!

Step 6:

After that, we will use purple color to fill in the grapes to make them look realistic.

Step 7:

Now, add small dots with a black marker to add some finish details to your drawing.

 Step By Step Grapes Drawing Video Tutorial


With the addition of the last elements and colors, this instruction on how to draw grapes is complete!

When beginning a new drawing, breaking it down into more manageable steps may simplify the process. We hope you had a wonderful time working on it!

Now is your chance to demonstrate your creativity with your details. Whether you add your items, make a great backdrop, or utilize innovative color schemes, we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

When you are ready for more, you may discover other sketching instructions on our website! Check back regularly to avoid missing anything!

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