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How to Draw Cute Dad and Son Drawing?

how to draw dad and son

If you would like to learn how you can create a Dad and son image, then this tutorial will be precise for you.

Our step-by-step guide on how to make Dad and son in just 10 steps will show you everything you want to know about drawing this heartwarming drawing.

Guide on How to draw Cute Dad and Son Drawing

Read below the top 10 Simple Steps on how to draw a Dad and son.

Step 1. Draw a half circle.

Step 2. Now draw another full circle bigger than the earlier one.

Step 3. Draw hairs with a zig-zag line on the smaller circle and a curved line on the bigger one 

Step 4. Draw eyes, nose, happy mouth and hands on the smaller one.

Step 5. Draw the ears. 

Step 6. Draw the ears of a bigger one and facial structures also.

Step 7. Draw the hands of the dad.

Step 8. Draw the legs of the son attached to the hands of the dad.

Step 9. Make a little heart on the left upper corner.

Step 10: Color it the same as the image.

Heart and mouth of a son with red colour. Hair with brown colour. Legs with yellow colour and lastly the body of dad with blue colour.

The bottom line

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

All 10 steps are very easy to work with. how to draw a Dad and son is not as tough that much it seems.

This guide directs the beginner to start his work in art. We always aim to make art and drawing more fun by giving natural & easy tricks.  

Do follow us for fascinating art and incredible content. 

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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