How to Draw Cat Drawing In Simple 8 Steps! 

Humans have cherished cats as friends for countless millennia. They were worshipped in ancient Egypt and continue to be revered as the subjects of innumerable Internet postings and memes.

If you are one of the billions of cat enthusiasts around the globe, you may have wondered how to draw a cat at one point or another. If you follow the steps, it’s simpler than you may believe!

To accomplish this, we have created a fun and simple eight-step guide on how to draw a cat.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Cat

Step 1:

In the first phase of this tutorial on how to draw a cat, you will create a circle using a pencil. If you struggle to draw a perfect circle freehand, a drawing compass can be helpful. This circle will guide you as you sketch the head’s contours.

Step 2:

Now that the beginning of your cat’s head has been completed, we will add the ears. For the right ear, draw a slightly bent, bottomless triangle that connects to the space left in the skull form.

Create a second triangle for the inner ear. Next, draw the curved ear form for the left ear as shown in the reference image, followed by the inner ear.

Step 3:

As shown in the reference image, you can begin by sketching a cat’s nose, followed by a cat’s mouth with a smile. Lastly, the eyes will be added. The eyes in the reference image are comprised of concentric circles with eyelashes.

Step 4:

You may add a snout by drawing a jagged line above the nose. Then, you can draw six lines to represent the cat’s whiskers.

Step 5:

Now, draw the legs of the cat as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 6:

The next stage is to draw the tail, forming a curvy sausage.

Step 7:

This step in learning to draw a cat is also one of the most enjoyable: adding color! We provide an example of how to color the cat in our final reference image, but this is where you should let your imagination go wild! Add a bow and fill colors as shown in the reference image.

Step 8:

Fill pink blushy color in the ear and on the cheek to make it look cute.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to sketch a cat with this step-by-step tutorial! Things may have seemed complicated initially, but following a tutorial simplifies it.

Now that you know how to draw a cat, you can experiment with many versions by altering the cat’s tail, ears, and facial expressions. Be sure to visit our site frequently, so you don’t miss out on any of the excellent new drawing guides we’ll add.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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