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How To Draw Bunny With Easy Tricks?

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How To Draw Bunny With Easy Tricks

Every kid loves Bugs bunnies, rabbits, and all cute animals. 

Though there are many cute creatures over here, a bunny has a different fanbase. 

And today, we will teach you the 7 Simple Steps on how to draw an eye-catchy bunny easily. 

7 Steps to Draw a Bunny

Read the words and refer to the pictures given with each step for the best results. 


To draw a bunny quickly, pin out your index and the 4th finger and place them on the paper. 

how to draw bunny (2)


Outline around the fingers, just as shown in the photo. 

how to draw bunny (3)


Remove your hand from the sheet and draw the bunny face using a circle shape. 

how to draw bunny (4)


Bring out glowing rabbit eyes. Make sure to leave white spots for a realistic glance. 

how to draw bunny (1)


Similarly, draw the bunny’s nose, lips, body, hands, stomach, and tail. 

step by step bunny drawing (2)


Take your favorite colors and use them inside the ears and carrot of a cute bunny.

step by step bunny drawing (3) 


Shade the juicy cheeks and tongue with peachy and warm red; use green shade to fill the carrot leaves. 

step by step bunny drawing (1)

The Bottom Line

We learned the unknown and best easy steps to draw a rabbit. Hopefully, now each one of you can create a work of art with your favorite bunny drawing. Do share the guide with your fellows. 

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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