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Throughout history, numerous weapons have provided armies an advantage on the battlefield. The sword has witnessed numerous changes over the centuries, making it one of the most popular weapons.

Although they are no longer employed in warfare, they remain popular in movies, video games, and other media.

Despite this familiarity, learning to draw a sword can be surprisingly difficult! Fortunately, this tutorial will ensure that it is not at all difficult!

Our 7-step guide on drawing a sword will ensure that mastering this new drawing is not a battle.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Sword

Step 1:

You can begin this guide by drawing a little circle at the end of the hilt or handle of the sword. Then, using the previous ruler, you can draw two lines descending from this circle. Under these two lines, you can create a little rectangle with rounded corners.

Step 2:

This second portion of your sword drawing will include sketching two more little circles for the hilt.

Step 3:

Connect the two circles with a straight line that also hits the bottom of the sword’s handle.

Step 4:

You will need to use your ruler once more to complete this step of your sword drawing. To pull the sword’s blade, extend downward two somewhat long lines from the crossguard.

Then, once you have drawn these two lines, you can add two smaller lines intersect at a position similar to the one depicted in our example.

Step 5:

This sketch of yours already looks fantastic! In this part of our lesson on how to draw a sword, we will add texture detail to the sword’s handle.

Step 6:

In this sixth stage, you will add the final features to your sword drawing before applying color. To begin these details, use your ruler to draw a line down the blade’s center.

This line should end slightly before the sword’s tip. At the end of this line, you can then draw two smaller lines to the sword’s edges. This image will serve as a suggestion for how these lines should appear.

Step 7:

In this phase of our lesson on how to draw a sword, you may give your magnificent sword some color to bring it to life.

We picked a grey color scheme for the blade and brown and yellow for the handle to complete the leathery appearance we described for that area.


This concludes our instruction on how to draw a sword! We hope this tutorial was of great assistance in learning how to draw one of these extraordinary weapons.

Even more so, we hope it was a lot of fun to do! When tackling a new drawing project, it’s often easier and more enjoyable when the task can be broken down into more manageable phases, so that was our goal with this guide.

Now you may have fun adding elements to the image, such as additional details or a stunning background. We cannot wait to see your work!

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