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How To Draw a Starfish | Step By Step Starfish Drawing

How To Draw a Starfish Step By Step Starfish Drawing

Do you ever think that you can do drawing perfectly by utilizing a pencil or paper? It sounds like the activity of a school-going kid, isn’t it?

However, many people become a famous artist who did sketching with a pencil.  

Today we are going to teach you to draw a starfish. In this blog, you will find step-by-step instructions which are easier to understand for kids as well as for beginners.

Items to be considered to draw a starfish:-

  • Use a pointed pencil instead of a pen
  • A paper
  • Some sketch colors of your choice

Let’s begin to learn another article to draw in some steps:-

Step 1:-

Firstly, draw a smooth cone or could be a smooth triangle in the center of the paper. Then draw another smooth triangle on the right-hand side of the first cone. This triangle should begin from the end of the first cone.

Step 2:-

In this step, we are going to complete the drawing of the starfish. Then start from the end of the first smooth cone to draw the third cone on the left side of the starfish.

Again draw the fourth cone begin from the end of the third cone. Now to draw the last one draw a line starting from the end of the fourth cone.

Also, draw out another line starting from the end of the second cone and join at the line to finish the last cone.

Step 3:-

Here we make two eyes of our starfish. To draw eyes, we make two small circles which must be nearby the first cone and at the end of both the left and right cones.

Step 4:-

Now we draw another two small circles in the already drawn circles. Two small circles should be smaller than the second circle which is the eyes of the starfish. Then draw a cute smile of a lovely starfish.

Step 5:-

In this step, draw two lines at the corners of each cone. Here, our drawing is complete to see still incomplete for coloring. That we do in the next step.

Step 6:-

Now take out a red sketch to color the mouth of the starfish. Next, pick pink sketch color and start coloring from the first smooth cone of a starfish.

Keep in mind leaves the two lines which we drew in step 5. Also, color the eyes with a black sketch by leaving the very small circles inside the second circles.

Step 7:-

Nearby at the end, color the first cone, left-hand side cone as well as the fourth cone to finish up the coloring of our adorable starfish.

Step 8:-

This is the last step, where we color the rest of the starfish. In this step, we finalize the starfish by coloring the right side of the cone and the other cone on the right side as well.

Now, summing up all the steps a cute pink starfish is ready to take a look. This kind of drawing or coloring could be used while making drawing for kids. Especially in child care centers, nursery classes, or drawing posters for playschools this drawing is perfect over there.

How To Draw A StarFish Step By Step Video

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