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How to Draw a Skateboard | Step By Step Skateboard Drawing

How to Draw a Skateboard Step By Step Skateboard Drawing

Sketching anything can be difficult when you don’t know how to start, and what to do to draw items in an excellent form. Sometimes when sketching doesn’t go perfectly you can easily get bored from it. To overcome this, our blog is the right solution for you. Here you will find drawing objects in steps that make your sketching easier.

With our step-by-step tutorial drawing things on paper can become a fun activity in your daily routine.

Items to be considered to draw a skateboard:-

  • Grab a pointed pencil
  • A paper

Step 1:-

Firstly draw a long rectangle with curved lines especially at the ends of the rectangle to form a curve like a letter ‘C’. To make the board, shape the rectangle with a little tilt, not a straight longboard. Even the ends of the skateboard should be curved with some bend towards the inside.


Step 2:-

Draw another line at the bottom side of the rectangle to give a thickness to the skateboard.


Then draw a long shape semicircle at both the corners of the skateboard. 

Step 4:-

In this step, draw a wheel on the left-hand side of the skateboard. Also, draw two dotes nearby the line of the semicircle on the right side of the skateboard. On the right side of the semicircle make two dotes as well. 

Step 5:-

Now, on the right-hand side of the skateboard draw another wheel to complete the design of the skateboard.

Sketching is the best and most fun activity when you use the proper guideline to draw things on paper. Parents can also utilize this tutorial to teach their kids to depict various things with the use of a pencil.

During the summer holidays, make children busy drawing objects and coloring them. Drawing objects with a pencil is the cleanest way that kids can do it without any mess. Through the assistance of the given steps, individuals can develop new skills in them.

How to Draw a Skateboard Step By Step Drawing Video Tutorial

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