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How To Draw A Peach: Easy And Simple Guide

How To Draw A Peach

There are many wonderful fruits to consume on a hot summer day, but some are more refreshing than others!

A juicy peach is always a delicious option, but it might be more difficult than imagined to learn how to draw one despite its basic structure.

You are, however, precisely where you should be to discover how to solve this difficulty! After this tutorial, you will know precisely how to draw this famous fruit.

Why not snack on a luscious peach while reading this lesson on drawing a peach in seven simple steps?

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Peach

Step 1:

In this first step of our tutorial on drawing a peach, we will begin by outlining the peach’s distinctive rounded form with a pointed end.

The peach’s sides will be extremely rounded and curled as if you were beginning to draw a circle. However, there will be the previously indicated point at the bottom.

In addition, make sure to leave a little space at the top of the peach, as here is where we will put the leaves shortly.

Step 2:

Complete the peach rounded shape as shown in the image.

Step 3:

Now, we will start drawing the peach’s leaf.

Step 4:

In this section of our guide on drawing a peach, you will add the peach’s stem and the first leaf.

The stem goes at the very top of the peach and is shown with very short, undulating lines. A little circle can be drawn at the top of the stem to indicate where it was severed.

Lastly, the leaf will be positioned on the left side of the stem and will extend horizontally.

The leaf will have a pretty normal form, with a larger and more rounded base and a margin that becomes thinner as it descends.

Step 5:

You will sketch the second leaf for your peach illustration in this step. This leaf will be on the right and will extend horizontally like the previous one.

This leaf will have a somewhat distinct appearance, as it will be thinner against the peach and dragged behind the stem.

It is due to its rearward extension on the peach. Now that both leaves have been drawn, we may go on to the last details!

Step 6:

Then, draw some final details on the leaf. To make this draw eyes and blush and smiling face as shown in the image.

Step 7:

This is the final phase of your peach picture, and you can now have some coloring time!

We utilized pink tones for the peach and green for the foliage in our reference image, so you may use these colors as a guide if you like more accurate hues.

You could even be more artistic with the color scheme if you wish! Coloring any more features or background components is a terrific method to add more color to an image!

You may also utilize creative painting media to add depth to your image. For images like these, painterly materials such as watercolors and acrylic paints may work miracles, but anything you pick will look incredible!

Step By Step Peach Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


We hope you had a great time going through this step-by-step peach drawing tutorial!

Even though a peach has a very simple form, drawing one from memory may be surprisingly difficult and irritating.

This article aimed to demonstrate measures you can take to make the activity simpler and more fun.

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