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How To Draw a Ice Cream? 10+ Ice Cream Drawing Ideas in 2023

When we talk about Summertime snacks that can cool you down, it’s near impossible to find a better snack than a delicious ice cream cone!

These yummy, icy treats can be seen in many different forms, flavors, and variations. This characteristic of ice cream makes it extra fun and interesting to learn how to draw an ice cream cone as you will have a lot of room to get creative with it and to let your imagination wander.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw an ice cream you’re about to go through will show you and assist you with everything you need to be able to design your own cool ice cream drawing.

The following step-by-step guide on how to draw an ice cream in just 7 easy steps will show you how easy, interesting and fun it can be!

How to Draw An Ice Cream – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1 — Let’s begin with the ice cream

To get this guide on how to draw an ice cream started, we shall be starting with the frosting part of the equation! This first step will be made much easier if you have drawn it with a free hand to help you out.

To draw this ice-cream, simply draw an inwarded curve that will eventually meet at a slight curve at the bottom of the cone.

To draw a good big dollop of ice cream on top of the cone, we shall go with a round, curved line over it.

This will form the top of your ice-cream, and It wouldn’t be much of an ice cream drawing if it didn’t have any ice cream or frosting on it! For that reason we shall add some to the image in this step.

We will be proceeding with a lot more detail to it in the next few steps, so let’s move further!

Step 2 — Complete the frosting portion

Now in this step, we will be drawing ice cream frosting in such a way that it will seem like ice cream is bulging over the rim and look like a big dollop.

For this, you don’t need to do much. It is surely a quite easy task to draw this as it doesn’t require any tools such as ruler or compass.

Just use your hands and draw irregular curves with free hand right underneath the shape or curve that we have drawn in the previous step.

Enclose the curve that we drew in the first step with the irregular curves that we are drawing in this step. 

Take help from the reference image for understanding what we actually mean.

Step 3 — Now, draw the cone portion of the ice-cream

To get the cone right, this step will be much easier if you have a ruler on hand to help you out.

But you can also draw with your free hand if you want. 

To draw this cone of the ice-cream, simply draw two horizontal lines that will meet at a slight curve at the bottom of the cone.

This will create the base of your ice-cream cone, and we will be adding some more details to it in the next few steps, so let’s move further towards other steps of this guide.

Step 4 — Add Cherry On the top of the ice cream

After completing the cone portion of the ice-cream, we will add some toppings over the top of the ice-cream. Toppings like a cherry would be perfect for an ice cream to look more yummy. 

Drawing a cherry is the easiest part of this guide. For drawing a cherry, just draw a small circle with free hand over the top of the ice-cream and then extend the center of the circle by drawing a small line. This line will be the stem of the cherry.

Now that you have completed the cherry part, let’s move further with other details of the ice cream in our next steps.

Step 5 — Add some details to the cone

For this part, we will be drawing a series of lines with free hand, going diagonally across the ice cream cone as shown in the reference image. The lines will also go quite closely together as you can see in the reference image.

Step 6 — Now, you can add the final details to your ice cream cone drawing

Now your ice cream is pretty much done and almost ready for coloring, so now you can do final touch up with the details in this step of our guide on how to draw an ice cream!

Make the frosting look more bulging by drawing some light pencil irregular curves just like we did.

Step 7 — Finish off your ice cream cone drawing with some color

Now your ice-cream is ready for some colors to fill in it. We have chosen pink for the frosting ice-cream, red for the cherry and light yellow for the cone.

You can choose any color which you like most for your ice-cream. 

Make your ice-cream in your own style by filling some pretty colors of your own choice and as per your liking.

10+ Ice Cream Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. Yummy  ice-cream drawing

2. Easy ice cream drawing

3. Cute ice-cream drawing

4. Cup ice-cream drawing

5. Stick ice-cream drawing

6. Easy and cute ice- cream drawing

7. Sweet ice- cream drawing

8. Cup of an ice-cream drawing

9. Tasty ice-cream drawing

10. ice-cream cone



We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step ice cream drawing guide. This guide is organized for beginners and experts alike who yearn to understand how to draw an ice cream.

With the help of this extensive guide, we’re sure you will be able to draw an ice cream in just a few minutes! This will completely be an enjoyable activity for anyone who adores drawing snacks.

We frequently upload drawing guides and ideas on our website so make sure you keep checking back on our drawing catalog. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity skill!

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