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How To Draw A Four Leaf Clover? Simple And Easy Step-By-Step Guide

How To Draw A Four Leaf Clover

If you need a little luck, there are a few items that are traditionally believed to increase your luck. Whether it’s a rabbit’s foot or lucky underpants, numerous possibilities are available!

The four-leaf clover is perhaps the most well-known emblem of good luck. These unique tiny plants have long been thought to bring good fortune to whoever discovers them.

It can be difficult to locate one of these elusive plants, so the next best thing is to learn to draw a four-leaf clover and make your own! This step-by-step instruction to draw a four-leaf clover will teach you how to make good fortune!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Four Leaf Clover

Step 1:

This guide on how to draw a four-leaf clover will begin with the leaf, as suggested by the name.

Step 2:

Draw the middle section of four leaf clover as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

Complete the middle section of the drawing to make it look realistic. Don’t forget to check reference images!

Step 4:

As you might expect, there will be four of these that appear identical, but we will approach them separately due to their different angles, which could make the task more difficult.

Each leaf will be shaped like a heart, with the first leaf’s curved side located to the upper left of the clover.

Step 5:

As explained in the preceding stage, the leaves of your four-leaf clover will be theoretically identical. However, getting them to look that way from different perspectives can be difficult!

This subsequent leaf will point to the bottom-left of the clover.

Step 6:

Now you’re beginning to get the hang of it! In this tutorial phase on how to design a four-leaf clover, we’ll draw the third leaf, as you might expect.

Step 7:

This last leaf of your four-leaf clover artwork should be no trouble for you! This one will lead to the bottom right of the clover and begin in the center.

Step 8:

Draw lines in all leaves, as shown in the reference image. In this section, we will concentrate on the clover’s stem.

This will begin in the clover’s exact center and extend downward. It will be extremely thin towards the top and gradually grow thicker as it descends.

Step 9:

Now, it’s time to fill colors in the drawing. Fill different shades of green in the drawing to make it look realistic.


We sincerely hope you enjoyed working through this step-by-step instruction to drawing a four-leaf clover!

We aimed to make this guide educational, useful, and enjoyable, and we think we were successful. When you utilize this method, you shouldn’t need any luck to accomplish this drawing!

You can now take this drawing to a higher level by adding great colors and additional features. You may also add a beautiful backdrop to make it even better! We cannot wait to see how you will personalize this image.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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