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How to Draw a Candy Cane | Step By Step Candy Cane Drawing

How to Draw a Candy Cane

When it’s a time of festival you can’t resist yourself sending greetings to your family and friends. Greeting becomes more special when you send hand-crafted cards to your loved ones.

The candy cane is one of the special items that will be used in the decoration of Christmas eve. People decorate their homes with lots of eye-catching decoration items during the eve.

Kids love to eat the candy cane, it is the sweetest item to eat at the time of the festival. 

Today we are going to teach you to draw candy cane in an effortless way. In this blog, you will find some steps that teach you to sketch the item perfectly on paper.

Items to be considered to draw a candy cane:-

  • Take a pencil
  • A paper
  • Some crayons colors or sketch colors

Step 1:-

In the very first step, use a pencil to draw a Christmas leaf with 3 small circles that will be cojoined with each other on paper.

Step 2:-

Then, draw another Christmas leaf on the other side of cojoined circles. After that draw a curve line towards the three circles to form a bow under the left side of the Christmas leaf.

Step 3:-

Draw a small smooth box under the circles. Again draw a curve line from another side of the smooth box under the right side of the Christmas leaf. In the curve, lines draw a long teardrop in the horizontal form to give it the shape of a bow. Under the curved lines draw curved lines starting from the bow and ending at the smooth box (knot or bow) to form a ribbon.

Step 4:-

Form another side of the ribbon. Rotate the page and draw a line like a snake shape starting from one Christmas leaf and ending at another Christmas leaf.

Step 5:-

Then draw a U shape line under the ribbon bow to form the end of the candy cane.

Step 6:-

Now draw some curved lines on the stick of candy cane in order to fill it with various colors at the next step.

Step 7:-

At this step, allow some color to add grace to the candy cane. Begin with Christmas leaves color them with green color.

Step 8:-

Add some more colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Also, color the circles and bow of the ribbon with red color and ribbon with orange.

Step 9:-

Complete the candy cane color by doing the reverse of the above color combination. You can also use any other colors of your choice or use glitter, shimmer, or craft things to make a large candy cane.

How to Draw a Candy Cane Step By Step Drawing Video Tutorial

In this way, your colorful candy cane is finished. You can use these steps while making greeting cards for your family. Your wishes fill out the heart of your special ones with love when you greet them with your unique hand design ideas. With the involvement of this tutorial, anyone can draw things like a professional artist.

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