How To Draw a Burger? Step by Step Drawing

This tutorial shows how to draw a burger on a bun with some common toppings. It consists of a total of six simple steps.

In this drawing the burger toppings will include cheese, a tomato slice and pickles.

The patty itself will be sitting on top of some lettuce. You can see the order in which the different item will be added in the image above.

Please note that you may need to erase small parts of the drawing in a couple of the step (when adding the pickles and lettuce) so start the tutorial in pencil.

Keep your lines light until you are nearly done with step eight. You can darken them right before coloring.

Step 1

Start by drawing an outline of the upper half of the burger bun. Give it a rounded top and make the bottom flat.

Step 2

Below the upper half of the but draw a large slice of a tomato. From this angle it’s shape will look similar to a really long rectangle.

Make it just a tiny bit thicker on one side so that the burger doesn’t look too symmetrical


Below the tomato add the burger patty. Draw each of its sides slightly uneven and make it narrower towards the end where the tomato slice is thicker.

Step 4

Sticking out from below the top bun draw the outlines of some pickles. You can erase a little bit of the tomato to add in the ones on the sides.

Step 5

Erase a little bit of the drawing between the burger and the lower half of the bun to add the lettuce.

Give it a wavy uneven outline that stretches for the entire length of the bun and sticks out a little bit on the sides.

Step -6

For this last stage of the line drawing add the small details as follows:

Add two black dots to make eyes and expression

Lines on the pickles to show the thickness of the slices

A broken-up line on the cheese slice to show its thickness

A few horizontal wobbly lines on the burger to give it some texture Some random wavy lines along the lettuce to show its folds.


This tutorial shows a simple step by step approach to drawing a burger. It’s also done in a way where you can leave out any toppings that you might not add.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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