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How To Draw A Bell In 8 Steps – ViralPainting

how to draw bell

Bells are available in several sizes and forms, and they serve a variety of functions.

They have been used in various contexts, including emergencies, schoolyards, festivals, and town criers’ calling cards. Despite its basic function, learning how to design a bell may be quite difficult.

It can be simpler with the appropriate guidance to follow, and here is that guide!

This eight-step tutorial on drawing a bell will demonstrate how simple and enjoyable it can be!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Bell

Step 1:

Start by drawing a small circle to make the handle of the bell.

Step 2:

Draw a zig-zag on the left side of the small circle, as shown in the image below.

Step 3:

Also, draw the zig-zag shape on the right side of the small circle. You can check the reference image for the hint.

Step 4:

Now, draw two oval shapes on both zig zags to make them look pretty and attractive.

Step 5:

Now, we will begin drawing the bell’s contour. We will use a rounded line for the top of the bell, which will protrude into the bell’s mouth.

Then, draw a horizontally curved line along the bell to complete the bell’s mouth. At the very bell’s bottom, there will be a space into which you will subsequently insert the clapper.

Step 6:

Now, draw two lines on the bell’s body as shown in the reference picture.

Step 7:

Now, add some final details to the bell drawing. Add some circles on two lines that we drew in the previous step.


Step 8:

Now that the shape of the bell has been drawn, you can begin to add details to the picture.

A bell would not function properly without a clapper, so we will begin by drawing one in this stage. To create this, draw a series of small lines from the void and then a circle on the lines, as shown in the example image.

Then, draw a second curved line along the bell’s mouth to make its lip. We will conclude this step by drawing a second line at the top of the bell.

 Step By Step Bell Drawing Video Drawing

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


We hope you enjoyed working with us to create this tutorial on how to design a bell!

As previously noted, sketching a bell may be challenging, so we hope that this instruction has made the process much simpler.

You may take this design even further by demonstrating what unique touches and ideas you can add to give it your twist. We look forward to watching your unique artwork!

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