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How to Draw a 3D Cube | Step By Step 3D Cube Drawing

How to Draw a 3D Cube

Do you know drawing can be fun and easy even when you are at a beginner level? Indeed, with the help of our step-by-step tutorial which assists you to depict the various things like a pro.

Drawing is part of intellectual activities which help individuals to develop their skills. The more you explore sketching things the more you become professional like an artist.

Drawing plays an effective role in a person who is going through some stress. Playing with colors in picturing stuff is another useful thing to make a person feel good and add a beneficial activity to a daily routine.  

Depicting shapes is simple when you draw shapes in a normal way like we used to make in our schools. Nevertheless, you can draw shapes in a 3D way like executives do. In this blog, you will find simple steps for drawing a three-dimensional cube on paper.

Items to be considered to draw a 3D cube:-

  • Use a pencil instead of a pen
  • A paper

Step 1:-

To draw a 3D cube firstly draw four lines of 10cm in a zig zag form on a paper. At the same time allow some distance between the lines which can be 4 cm to 6 cm.

Step 2:-

Now, Join the second and fourth lines to make the front side of the 3D cube.

Step 3:-

Repeat the same step 2 but this time join the first and third lines to make the backside of the 3D cube.

Step 4:-

Now, join all the three corners of both the cubes by drawing a line from one corner of the front cube to another corner of the back cube.


Step 5:-

In the last step, join the last corner of the front and back cube to complete the 3D cube.

Now your 3D cube is ready to see by following these simple 5 steps. On the basis of this tutorial, you can draw on anything with perfection. Also, it becomes easy to teach the kids as well as beginners about sketching or drawing. You can also print these steps which can be used in class.

How to Draw a 3D Cube Step By Step 3D Cube Drawing Video Tutorial

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