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How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes?

How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes.

Painting with acrylic colors let you go to design the creativity that comes to your mind. When you are using your high-quality brushes to paint with acrylic colors, always remember the following points to prevent the damaging of your brushes:-

1. Never let the paint get dry on the paintbrush

2. Do not get paint on or in the ferrule

3. Keep your brushes bristles moist

4. Do not rest your brushes bristle-side down in the water or any solution

5. Always store in a lying down position on a paper towel or a bath towel

Stick to these 5 useful steps might seem unnecessary but keeping your brushes clean will increase their life.

The Proper Method of Cleaning Your Paintbrush are as Follow:-

1. Wipe off all of the paint solids possible from the brush by using paper towels, old rags, or damp cloth. Don’t be lazy really get the paint off the brush. Repeat the step again.

2. Next rinse the brush in a bucket full of water. You can choose any bucket but it should be large so that you can easily wash out your brushes.

3. Now get a bar of artist’s soap like The Master’s Hand Soap-4.5 Ounces and rub the brush across around a couple of times.

4. Now swish the brush to another bucket again a few times. Now back across the soap and swish again.

5. Finally, rinse the brush in the first bucket in clean and clear water.

6. The brush must be fairly clean at this stage. You can examine it using your fingers but be gentle.

7. Now politely lay your brushes down on a clean paper towel or bath towel. Never ever leave your brush in a standing position to dry.

8. Now after the process gives paint brushes some rest and let them dry by lying down. This will help them get in their quality and remain useful for the long-term basis.


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