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Paint your thoughts with colors because Painting is a different fun. A good artist needs perfect support while making the paintings. So, today here we will gonna talk about How To Choose Good Canvas Boards.

Canvas Boards are made up of cotton or linen, as well as PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Canvas gives long life to paintings.

Linen canvas boards are costly as compared to cotton fabric, canvas boards also linen canvas is stronger than cotton canvas.

Stretching cotton on a wooden panel is easy and it remains tight, but the stiffness of linen means it is not easy to pull it over the stretcher. Unprimed cotton is of a cream color and unprimed linen is brown.

Nowadays, canvas boards replaced wooden frames and become popular support for oil painting.

Canvas is typically extended over a wooden panel, called a stretcher so it becomes easy for wide or broad paintings to rolled-up also could be lighter in weight to move from one location to another.

Each fiber can be differentiated based on texture and weight. Both Types of Canvas Boards need to be primed with oil or acrylics.

You can prime your canvas boards with Acrylic gesso-primed surfaces and with oil-primed surfaces.

Acrylic gesso-primed surfaces have more friction and give more control on brushes for detail work but oil-primed surfaces are slippery.

Types of Canvas Board

Picking the correct canvas for your painting is the significant step to a successful effective of art.

WHITE CANVAS BORAD: White canvas boards have occupied wooden panels and are now the main medium used for painting. They have ended up as the winner in all the mediums recently utilized for painting.

The White Canvas Boards are heavy in weight which ensures balance. On the white canvas, you can use oil paints, watercolor paints, and acrylic paints and can create delightful artwork. no doubt it is cost-effective for beginners. Might be it can be a great choice for light paint applications, practice, studies and class projects, etc.

BLACK CANVAS BOARD: On Black Canvas Board you can use acrylic paint, oil paint, and alkyd paint. There are two reasons for choosing a black canvas.

First is Whenever you get an idea of doing a creative painting, painting your ideas, your imaginations, then using a black canvas board is the best way for you.

Second If you want to create a bright depiction then also black canvas is a great medium for you and also black canvas allows the artist to leave some area of the canvas unpainted In the painting where they want to depict something with black color but on black canvas, it is not necessary you can leave that place unpainted.

Shapes of Canvas Board

Square Shape Canvas Board: Square shape canvases are very common and familiar to the artists because stretching and framing are easy and In Square shaped canvas you can add some height and width by using the frame and it can be decorative. It comes in all sizes and it is easily available. Your Painting can be best if you use good techniques while painting.

Rectangle Shape Canvas Board: Rectangle Shape and Square Shape both are commonly used shapes of the canvas. On a rectangular canvas, it is easy to do the painting. Squares-shaped and Rectangular shaped canvases can portray strength and stability. Different sizes are available in rectangular canvas. It is easy to stretch and frame.

Round Shape Canvas Board: Round Shape of art depicts continuous movement. You can stretch freely to Round Canvas without any limitation of size. From 4 inches to 15 feet and it is not so expensive but hard to find. The thickness of the round-shaped canvas matters according to your need. Round Shaped Canvas painting is always in style and satisfied everyone with grace.

Heart Shape Canvas Board: Heart Shape Inspire yourself to splash, blend, and spread paint on plain surfaces. Heart-Shaped Canvas is a unique and peculiar shape and used for some specific use. The heart shape wooden frame is covered with a plain white canvas surface. You can use a variety of brushes and paints to create perfect artwork.

Triangle Shape Canvas Board: Triangle Shape leads the eye in an upward movement. To create a masterpiece of the art using different painting colors and painting brushes, rod, stick, on a plain white surface which is covers triangle wooden frame.

Hexagon Shape Canvas Board: Hexagon Shape used for extra creative painting by well-trained artist as well as by experts. By using hexagon shape canvases you can create different art. You can use all kinds of paints and brushes on the white plain surface which is fully covered with a hexagon shape’s wooden frame.

Sizes of Canvas Board

There are several kinds of sizes available and you can easily purchase them online at affordable prices types of sizes are Large size, Medium Size, Mini Size you can custom size the boards according to the need of the artist.

Large Size: Whenever you wanted to create an impactful painting to show creativeness large size canvas board is great because it highlights the painting in the room. Although Working on a large size canvas board is easier if the surface of the board is flat. Large Sizes can be 18 x 24
20 x 24
24 x 36
30 x 40
36 x 48

Medium Size: On a medium-size canvas board, you can explore your painting techniques as a beginner. You can use different brushes on the medium canvas surface to create a variety of paintings, but it is not easy to create an impactful painting on this as on a larger canvas board.

8 x 10
9 x 12
11 x 14
12 x 16

Mini Size: 4 x 6 is considered as mini size of canvas board any painting under this size is considered as mini size such as of 2 X 2,3 X 3. Mini Sizes are great to create small paintings that give a great look.

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In this article, I told you about the use of black canvas boards and white canvas boards, shapes of canvas boards, size of canvas boards.

As a beginner painting on canvas is good for you to explore your skills. Choosing is a canvas for painting is a good option because you can easily transport it due to its lighter weight, that is all about canvas board. Choose wisely to traverse your Painting skills.

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