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55+ Easy Yet Impressive Acrylic Painting Ideas in 2023

You want to start painting so badly, and yet, that blank canvas feels so empty. Or possibly you carry acrylic painting ideas sailing around in your mind, but you’re not quite certain how to convey your vision to life through painting. 

As delightful as it is to paint with acrylics, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to paint. This list of easy acrylic painting ideas is perfect for novices and would also be a perfect liftoff point for more difficult paintings.

So let’s get started and peruse through this list of 55+ easy acrylic painting ideas in 2023 for novices for some painting motivation.

What Do You Need for Acrylic Painting?

Before you dip into your foremost project, you’ll need to gather some essential materials for your acrylic painting. 

While few of the tutorials below mandate special materials but you can also make most easy acrylic paintings with few basic equipment:

Acrylic Paint: Paints normally come in two qualities, one is “student quality” and the other is “artist quality”. You can buy a simple set with primary shades i.e. black and white or a set with many shades, which is a faster way to get started if you’re not aware of color mixing. 

Paintbrushes: You’ll need a number of paintbrushes in a variety of shapes such as flat, round, and pointed round and sizes. You’ll employ bigger brushes for backgrounds, medium-sized brushes for shapes and objects, and the shortest brushes for detail work. Novices often choose brushes with synthetic bristles instead of natural ones because they hold well to acrylics and are very budget-friendly.

Palette: You’ll require a palette to mix and blend colors. 

Canvas: Canvasses can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. If you’re hoping to try out several of the ideas given below, consider buying a multi-pack. 

Masking Tape: If you’d want, you can make a border on your canvas by blocking off the rim of it using masking tape. You’ll also need it for color-blocking tasks. 

A Cup of Water: You will need a cup of water to wash out your brushes when switching colors.

Rag or Paper Towels: Don’t forget to have a rag or paper towel to dry your brushes after you rinse them.

Most of the art supply stores also sell acrylic painting sets for beginners, which come with everything mentioned above.

55+ Interesting Acrylic Painting Ideas, Great for Beginners –

1. Butterfly painting

Butterflies are an easy subject matter, to begin with. And this one-stroke butterfly is the perfect subject for beginners while also learning and practicing brushwork. If you are looking for a pretty and happy art project, then check out this beautiful butterfly acrylic painting.

2. Acrylic Scenery Painting

Check out this beautiful scenery made on canvas, blended with beautiful pretty colors. This lightly stroked scenery painting will help you to draw exactly according to your imagination.

You can add as many details as you like such as trees or mountains in the background or a man sailing a boat, just as we did.

3. Acrylic Cat Painting

This easy pretty cat acrylic painting idea for novices on canvas is a fun one. Cats who are so loved by most people deserve a special portrait! Push your hand at painting your favorite pet.

We suggest basing your painting on a photo instead of trying to keep your animal friend still for a portrait pose!

4. Acrylic Giraffe Painting —

Here is a beautiful acrylic painting of a lovely giraffe couple. If you are someone who is fond of animals, you should go with this idea for your empty canvas to turn it into a beautiful acrylic painting. 

5. Twilight Forest

Swoop into the world of acrylic nature painting by painting a forest of trees. Play with profundity and texture to create a realistic twilight forest, and convey a seasonal sundown scene by the color you pick for the leaves and sky. Here we have enhanced the sky more with warm colors and shaded the entire forest area to give it a sundown vibe. 

6. Beautiful Vase with sunflowers —

Check out this beautiful acrylic vase painting made with blue acrylic paint and some sunflowers lying down on a table with a beautiful yellow background.

7. A Pretty Woman’s face

If you are more into human body paintings then you should go with the ideal illustration here of a woman’s face made with acrylic paints.

8. Acrylic Modern art painting —

Here is a beautiful pinkish modern art made after blending various muted colors. You can also opt for other combinations of paints to create your own choice of modern art.

9. Acrylic Couple Painting —

A cute couple in love, holding cameras together is such a cute thing you can ever paint. Add a tricolor background as we did and you can choose other colors also to paint the background. Don’t forget to add hearts around the couple to make them look in love.

10. Mountain Landscape Painting —

Look at this beautiful landscape painting with mountains, wispy clouds, a lake, and a beautiful girl watching this beautiful sight.

11. Sunflower field —

A beautiful sunflower field is a great place to commence if you are looking for acrylic painting ideas for novices. It does not need too many difficult acrylic painting techniques for a new painter.

12. Beautiful butterfly —

Another illustration starring a beautiful butterfly is a great idea for beginners. Choose your favorite acrylic paints and turn your canvas into a beauty. 

13. Acrylic Bunny Painting —

This acrylic painting idea is great for bunny lovers. Here is a cute acrylic bunny painting for beginners to begin with. 

14. Grassland scenery painting —

Another simple acrylic painting idea for beginners is a red-orange sunset with lots of greenery to mimic the grassland. Fill your canvas with varying shades of red, orange, and yellow to mimic a vibrant red-orange sunset, and add a swing suspended from the branch of the tree.

15. Sunset And Flowers over a mountain range —

Look at this beautiful painting of a mountain valley and sunset over them. The pink flowers in the painting are enhancing the beauty of this painting even more.

Paint a valley surrounded by mountains then paint the flowers in vibrant pink, white, and brown or black as it slips in front of the mountains.

16. Forest or Stream with a mountain valley background —

Another painting idea is to paint a mountain valley in the background with lots of trees around it and a beautiful flowing lake.

17. Peacock within a circle —

Another beautiful example of an acrylic painting idea could not be better than a peacock within a circle. Make a big circle on the canvas and paint your canvas with a beautiful vibrant peacock inside the circle only.

18. Acrylic Cactus Painting —

Any cactus lover out there? Check out this beautiful cactus painting for cactus lovers to paint your canvas with. 

19. Starry night —

Take inspiration for acrylic canvas painting ideas from the paradises and paint a starry night sky. Include scenery details like the moon, mountains or trees, or keep the emphasis on the sky alone for an incredible scene.

20. Sunset with birds and clouds through the balcony —

Paint fluffy clouds, the lead of your sunset painting. Paint a lively sunset on your canvas. When the paint dries, make translucent and opaque fluffy clouds over it. Add character to your evening painting by including a few simple black birds or a girl with her pet cat.

22. Acrylic Lily Stargazer Painting —

Like peonies, paintings of lilies are easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners with lots of room for variation. Keep the painting simple by painting the lilies without much detail, or rehearse your skills by detailing each petal.

23. Cute Panda —

Check out this cute panda painting holding balloons with a greenish background. Paint your canvas with a single paint and once it dries, draw a panda along with balloons. 

24. Glacier or lake scenery —

Paint your canvas with a beautiful giant glacier behind and a pretty lake in front. 

25. Child sitting inside the lotus —

Check out this cute acrylic painting depicting a small religious child sitting inside a lotus flower. 

25. Lady with Colorful hair

Improve and practice your painting by creating this masterpiece and playing with colors to paint the colorful hair of this pretty lady. 

26. Wildlife Scenery —

If you are a wildlife scenery lover then this illustration is just made for you. Check out this beautiful giraffe painting with an enhanced sunset behind.

27. Modern art —

If you are planning to turn your blank white canvas into modern art, check out this beautiful acrylic painting of modern art. It’s a beautiful combination of pretty shades of acrylic paint. 


 28. Happy woman —

Create this beautiful happy woman acrylic painting with lots of variations in her hair. 

29. Yellow and Orange Sunset scenery —

Another effortless acrylic painting idea for novices is a red-orange sunset. Fill your canvas with different shades of red, orange, and yellow to mimic a vibrant red-orange sunset. 

30. Sunset over a lake —

Check out this pretty sunset over a lake with greenery surrounding it. 

31. Pumpkins with flowers nearby —

Here is a beautiful textured pumpkin painting with flowers around it. 

32. Pink and blue sunset scenery —

For a more soft sunset, fill your canvas with gentle pinks and blues and a few wispy clouds together with green trees and grassy land, and a long going road. It’s a dreamy type of sunset! 

33. Dense forest with a lamp-light scenery —

This illustration mimics a dense dark forest and a light lamp in the middle of the forest to provide some warm light. 

34. Pink Dusk —

For a more not-so-loud sunset, paint your canvas with gentle pinks and blues as we illustrated in the painting below and a few wispy clouds along with green trees and grassy land, and a long road. It’s a fairytale type of sunset!

35. A couple inside a heart shape —

Here is a cute couple encompassed within a heart shape with a pretty pinkish background. 

Acrylic Painting Video Tutorial Ideas

36. Butterflies in various forms —

Check out these variations of butterfly acrylic painting ideas for beginners to start with to throw some beauty on the blank canvas. 

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37. Blue and brown butterfly —

Here is a beautiful butterfly painting, painted with bold paints and is simple to create especially for beginners. 

Image Source

38. Rainbow painting —

Here is incredible modern art mimicking a beautiful rainbow by blending variants of rainbow colors. 

Image Source

39. Modern art acrylic painting —

For this idea, make a palette of coordinating paints, then take to your canvas to make an abstract design of modern art. Play with paints to create a one-of-a-kind modern artwork.

Image Source

40. Modern art with a blend of beautiful colors —

Check out this incredible modern art created by blending lots of pretty paints. 

Image Source

41. Pink Love Tree

Easy Acrylic Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners  (2)

Image Source

42. easy to make moon painting

Easy to Make Painting Ideas

Image Source

43. moon with a couple of canvas acrylic art

couple canvas painting ideas (4)

Image Source

44. pink tree flowers canvas painting

couple painting ideas (3)

Image Source

45. cute couple with pink moon canvas acrylic

easy couple painting ideas, (1)

46.  heart shape a tree with a cute couple

cute couple painting ideas (4)

47. palm tree with sunset

painting ideas sunset (2)

48. Love couple mini canvas painting

simple painting ideas for couples

49. kissing love couple

painting ideas for couples (1)

50. four different situation

watercolor painting silhouette drawing ideas (2)

51. Cute love couple

silhouette painting ideas (2)

52. Mushroom painting acrylic on canvas


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53. Black canvas rainbow


54. Cute Love Bird


56. Cute Couple Sitting in Front of Sunset

cute couples painting ideas (3)

Conclusion —

We hope these super impressive and easy acrylic painting ideas helped you to paint your blank canvas perfectly with ease and quickly. 

Don’t forget to visit our website and follow us on social media and Pinterest for more such impressive acrylic painting ideas and tutorials. 

Stay creative and keep painting! 

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